Anyone here with Kallstadt ancestry or perhaps ancestry with from the Isle of Lewis connected to Trump?

My mother's direct paternal line was from Kallstadt which as noted is where Trump's ancestors came from (as well as the founder of Heinz ketchup.) Specifically Johann Lorenz Hänsel and his wife Juliana Elisabetha Keller are Donald Trump's 5th great-grandparents and my 6th.

While having common ancestry with Trump is somewhat interesting, I found this common ancestor we share and his ancestry more interesting than Trump...Dr. Gallus Tuschelin. Translated from a German article on the man:

On the one hand, this is an ancestor, Gallus Tuschelin, a jurist from the 17th century. The exact year of birth can not be clarified clearly: 1626 in Kirchheim / Teck or 1631 in Nürtingen. But it is certain: Tuschelin was Privy Councilor and Vice Chancellor of the Duchy of Zweibrücken. He traced the noble ancestors of Tuschelin's wife back to the 12th century.

Tuschelin's wife seems to have been connected to some old patrician families from Frankfurt, such as the families Knoblauch, von Praunheim and von Glauberg. I am still researching for further connections but was a neat discovery.