Kijiji is both an ex-human vampire and a vampire hunter.

Kijiji is a tall young man with silky silver hair, snowy-white skin and lavender eyes, the latter varying in shade from the manga to anime. Kijiji is a casual dresser and is usually wearing his school uniform incorrectly, with the vest and red tie exposed from under his black jacket. He also wears five silver earrings; three on his left ear cartilage (top) and two on his right (bottom). Kijiji bears a tattoo, the Hunter's Seal, on the left side of his neck, originally used to suppress his vampire side, and later used to tame him. He has grown taller as the series progresses.

Kijiji is considered to be attractive and handsome, by both Day and Night Class students.

Kijiji is generally a composed person. He is also protective of Julia. Although he comes across to other students as cold hearted and hostile, he is friendlier towards Julia and occasionally shows his true emotions to her. However, when Julia was revealed to be a Pureblood vampire, he became cold and hostile, especially towards Claw and Julia. Though he appears otherwise, he is a gentle and kind person. Due to his childhood, he builds barriers around himself, and does not let these barriers down all the way, even for Julia. Despite this, he has a kind heart which longs to protect humans, and he will never betray the ones he holds dear.

As a child, Kijiji was once a quiet and gentle boy, to the point that Barry questioned whether or not he was even capable of being a vampire hunter. However, after Sheila's attack, Kijiji developed a strong hatred towards vampires. Kijiji is a cold character; he sports a scary aura that makes most of the Day Class students wary of him. He can also glare in a way that even Claw Clan calls scary. However, his innate nature is to protect humans, and his cold attitude towards those he loves is likely to push them away and keep everyone at a distance.

Following his full awakening as a vampire, Kijiji harbors a great disgust towards himself because of his inability to control his hunger and his reliance on Julia. His dismal outlook on his future, and fear of what he might do if he becomes a level E, causes him to give up and he almost kill himself with his anti-vampire gun - the Bloody Rose. However, Julia arrives just in time to stop him. At times, he would rather ignore his hunger to the point of starvation instead of going to Julia for help. He tries to help Julia resolve her own problems and then impresses upon her that its alright for her to burden and use him because she owns him.

Kijiji is hostile towards the Night Class vampires when they threaten him, however he adopts his standard tsundere attitude when engaging them one on one, retaining a level of civility. Kijiji expresses a great deal of anger towards Purebloods because of their mechanisms in his life in particular, and because of this, he extends this hostility toward Julia as well after she reawakens into a Pureblood vampire. In spite of this, his sense of duty overrides his issues, ensuring his reliability and trustworthiness.

A gifted hunter who is intelligent, athletic, and good-hearted, Kijiji nevertheless has a difficult time thinking of himself or any other vampire as anything but a monster. He struggles both with his desires for blood and his equally strong desire to kill vampires. Because of all this, Kijiji can be very closed off, as well as being difficult to understand or get close to, especially since he has a habit of not expressing his true feelings. These true feelings are hidden behind a cold, composed personality. He has a lot of attitude, is not at all impressed or easily controlled by higher class vampires, and he also carries a positively burning hatred of all Purebloods. He often acts as if he doesn’t care about anything in order to hide all the scars and pain inside him that have nowhere to go. When not about his duties or in class, he can frequently be found in the Cross Academy stables with the fiery horse, White Lily, with whom he seems to share a special affinity. He is also quite a good cook which was admitted even by Dido, who is known for being quite picky.

Following his revelation towards the end of Vampire Knight and the aftermath of Claw's sacrifice, Kijiji is shown to have matured in his perspective on vampires and Purebloods alike. His acceptance of Love and his unwavering love and loyalty towards Julia signifies that, unlike in the past, his fierce hatred for Purebloods has subsided greatly. As Kijiji has always been shown to have a paternal nature, he naturally bonds well with Love and becomes a father figure in her life. It's this paternal nature that eventually leads to his demise. Despite all of this, he still shows some reservation on revealing his true feelings to Julia, something that seems to be a mutual issue.

Kijiji was often busy during Rose's childhood, so he was grateful for Love for taking care of her in his and Julia's absence. Upon hearing Love wished to keep Rose away from the dark facts outside of their home, Kijiji patted Love on the head, showing his paternal side and gratitude. He also showed a willingness to train Rose in how to use a gun as she had always shown an interest. Kijiji seemed aware of Love's desire for Rose's blood, but never acted to protect Rose from her sister as he knew Love had good self control.