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I really can't emphasize how much I can't stand that fucking cow jo swindler, I'm ashamed to call her Scottish tbh, as much as I don't wan't Scotland to leave the EU against our wishes (though EFTA would be my preference) and i believe it is only fair in light of everything that has happened in the last 5 years we get to choose what future we want in indyref2, I still think it would an absolute democratic outrage revoking article 50 without consulting the people again in another vote. If Brexit is what the people of England and a Wales want then they should have it, deal or no deal, and don't get me started on her totally undemocratic take on another vote on Scottish independence either, her Hypocrisy is breathtaking. It seems the Liberal-Democrats are neither Liberal or democratic unless they know they will get the result they want. I struggle to think of a more hypocritical conniving narcissistic Cow in politics than this chancer, she is the epitome of a career politician, and she is in it only for jo Swinson and Jo Swinson only, as her dodgy dealings reveal.

Jo Swinson branded a 'hypocrite' for taking fracker's cash as Lib Dem leadership hopeful comes under fire

And that voice of hers who the hell talks like that? it's like a cross between Scottish and West Country which she seems to change between several times during interviews I have heard she spends most of her time in Bristol and out of her own constituency so that maybe explains it, regardless the Woman is a cunt of the highest order.

And The SNP need stop trying to overturn the Brexit vote in England and Wales and start concentrating getting Scotland out of this clusterfuck, many in the Yes movement are losing patience with her trying to save the English and Welsh from their own vote, let them get on with it, its what they want and start concentrating on Scottish independence.
Have noticed the SNP splintering a bit With the Wings Over Scotland and Salmond faction. The problem with having one independence party.

Swinson's accent is a middle-class Scots English mix up. I know Scots who have lived in England for decades and don't speak like that.

She swings towards the Neoliberals of the Conservatives. Swinson is a thatcherite.