Everyone knows the very specific part of Japanese culture - manga and anime. European drawings and paintings from the Middle Ages look completely different from Japanese ones, which seem to have many similarities with cave paintings. Except that these cave paintings were well spread all over Europe.

Also, let's take a look at wrestling. Particularly Japanese and Icelandic wrestling. One could think it reached Iceland through the North America, but hold on. Because there is a Polish-language word for "wrestling", which directly translates "by the belts". It makes much more sense for Sumo or Icelandic wrestling, than for the forms of wrestling we are used to in Europe.

On the funny side of things - Japanese wrestling promotes heavy and big people, while Icelandic promotes skinny and agile. Now, how does a typical Japanese man look? Skinny and agile, exactly. And how does a typical Icelandic man look? Big and heavy. Funny enough, isn't it? Well, there is one way to explain it. Skrćlingjur, who are commonly seen as Native Americans, originated in Europe, and travelled eastwards, unlike other migration waves who travelled westwards. If wrestling was their thing, then they could have left traces all across Europe, Asia and America. What do you think?

Does it mean that European and Japanese cultures have some mysterious common ancestors? Do we all descend from ancient anime-makers and wrestlers? What are your opinions about it?