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Thread: A Will To Weakness: The Scourge of White Liberal Men

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    Default A Will To Weakness: The Scourge of White Liberal Men

    I work at Defend Europa, reporting news and opinion from across Europe from a nationalist perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawspeaker View Post
    LOL @ "It is not my job to educate you google it." --white liberal men

    That is mentally retarded their education is deficient as their education did not even teach them how to do syntopical research : "But it is on the interwebz it must be true !".

    There are five basic ways to sort truth from falsehood:

    Check the reliability of the authors you read: A theologian is a less- reliable source of information than a scientist.

    Compare different sources of information on the same topic (books, magazines, webpages, etc...), and note the areas of disagreement or omissions. Omissions often indicate bias, while points of disagreement should be investigated to see, if possible, who is really telling the truth. Sources with obvious bias need to be studied, since these will usually have the most telling criticisms of the other side.

    Observe who is willing to debate, and who is not: The former are most likely to be telling the truth, while the latter are probably trying to keep their lies from being exposed.

    Observe whether the arguments are clear or obscure: the latter are a good indication of muddled thinking, and a likely marker of error.

    If you yourself have a bias, be sure to study the accounts of those biased against your view: Your enemies will tell you things your friends would never think of -- or never dare to mention if they did.

    The seductiveness of liberalism is that the great majority of its positions represent what is right taken to a wrong extreme. In race, liberals are right to think that men should be equal before the law, but wrong to think they are equal in intelligence, behavior, racial characteristics or in any other substantive way. In gender matters, liberals are right to assert that women should not be chained to hearth and home, but wrong to think that women can be just like men or that most women would be happy in a role other than that dictated by 'anatomy is destiny'. In sexuality, liberals are right that sex does not have to be rigidly limited to marriage, but wrong to think that sex is merely another form of recreation such as picnics or quoits. In homosexuality, liberals are right to assert that there is no argument about taste, and that there is no reason to regulate the behavior of consenting adults in private; but wrong to assert that homosexuality is equal in social desirability to heterosexuality, that homosexuals are fit for familial relationships such as marriage and child-raising, or that homosexuals belong as scoutmasters, soldiers, teachers or the like. In religion, liberals are right that God is dead, but wrong to think that an institution like religion, which has proved its value and staying power over thousands of years of social evolution, can be safely destroyed without first developing new institutions which will produce equally effective moral suasions and social stability. In short, by being half-right, liberalism has been worse than completely wrong, because what came before -- no matter how mistaken in some cosmic sense -- had at least passed the test of time, while liberalism has not only failed every test to which it has been subject, but is on the verge of leaving the world's greatest civilization in ruins, and in the process extinguishing the small but very special group of men and women who produced that civilization -- the white race -- in a genocide of the rising tide of Turd-world color.
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