On the surface, a h*ckingly gorgeous, genre-redefining, trope-subverting, emotionally-draining, gut-wrenching, splencredibly daring, and very promising bone-chilling slow-burn atmospheric title developed by God Game Games (in bankruptcy), Big Bang Bro Project (Tencent subsidiary), EA (Tencent subsidiary), and Bethesda (66.6% Tencent subsidiary) not without its flaws (buggy engine, terrible dialoge, underdeveloped character customization system compared to CD Project's Cyberpunk 2077 (2020), non-existent and/or confusing tech support), spoiling this otherwise fabulously designed historical neo-noir crime mystery psychological action-adventure political techno-thriller comedy sandbox RPG.

0/10 see me after class.
SassySpicy ✔️ (verified account)

➕ Over 9,000 unique characters, storylines, dialogues, levels, stages to explore and unlock. Smart, intelligent design. ;)
➕ Exciting in-game minigames to keep you hooked. ;)
➕ Humorous writing.
➕ Lots of great loot.
➕ Wonderful world.
➕ Lifelike graphics.
➕ Over 9,000 types of footwear and footwear accessory. #wow

➖ Character design a ripoff. Despite 7.7 billion individuals of the character class Human (designed by talented Dr. Robert Marley and Dr. Yacub), there are only 16 recurring character types.
➖ Uninteresting dialogue trees.
➖ Your character and your character's clothes/footwear come separate. WTF?!
➖ Microtransactions. "Clothes" and "footwear" is DLC content behind a paywall. WTF?!
➖ Can't godmode and zoom in on the motherfucker with your eyes in the v1 version.
➖ Some patronizing douchebags in the tech support; they constantly refer you to some Mexican.
➖ Can't stay in Safe House forever without "bank" or "government" gang member AI enemies taking it away. This is a radical departure from previous RPG-style sandbox video games like Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto and not one that is welcome.
➖ Minigames trigger fatal exception error in the processing engine so you often get stuck in the minigame forever, unable to complete your main mission.
➖ NO REFUNDS. Cannot turn in your default character for a better one while in use without triggering a massive critical database crash deleting one's character altogether. WTF?! (Fix this buggy mess already, EA!)