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Thread: European test-centre for Hyperloop will be in Groningen

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    Thumbs up European test-centre for Hyperloop will be in Groningen

    European test-centre for Hyperloop will be in Groningen

    Translated by Thomas Ansell
    by The Northern Times December 20, 2019
    in Tech

    The final choice was between Groningen and the province of Zeeland
    The European testing centre for Hyperloop will be based in Groningen, as announced by the province of Groningen on Friday. The province was notified by the Delft-based company Hardt Hyperloop- who will put in place the 3km long test platform.

    1000 Kilometres per hour
    A Hyperloop is a transportation system where capsules are fired through a vacuum-tube at around 100 km/ hour. The capsules are propelled by magnets, and because the tube is filled with a vacuum the service is not affected in any way by changing weather conditions (handy in the Northern Netherlands).

    The Gemeente Groningen and Province of Groningen are exceptionally happy with the development, and they hope that Hardt Hyperloop will bring other innovative businesses to the area around the test cnentre. It is also the intention that the test-track will be made available for other developers of the Hyperloop.

    A group of local businesses informed Hardt Hyperloop that it would be exceptionally welcome in Groningen. Under the name ‘Hup Hyperloop’ they brought about a media campaign to try and attract Hyperloop to Groningen. Campaign spokesperson Joost van Keulen (previously a Wethouder in Groningen and now an appointee to several boards) said: “fantastic news for Groningen and for Hardt! Outstanding choice. Complements to the province and the gemeente (municipality), and all business-people that have worked on our campaign. We are really very grateful for your help.”

    It is hoped that the European Hyperloop Centre will be open in 2022. Hardt Hyperloop won a competition set up by US-based entrepreneur, Tesla owner, and flamethrower seller Elon Musk in 2017, and is based in Delft. It is supported by a number of large enterprises, including Schiphol Group, Tata Steel, Nederlandse Spoor; Deutsche Bahn, and BAM Group, the building company.

    For more information, just head to the European Hyperloop Center website

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