"Central banks and governments want to eliminate cash. Why? 👉YOU'LL DISCOVER THE REASONS SO YOU CAN PREPARE! 👈 Have you ever imagined a cashless world and its consequences? Give it a thought because it’s not far from reality. Most people believe they understand why governments and banks seek a cashless society, however, most of the reasons why people think they do it, are wrong. Starting from the belief government and central banks want to generate a booming economy, to believing it’s because Uncle Sam wants to have it all together in case he needs it. These commonly discussed reasons are quickly eliminated by the explanation of Richard Werner, Economist, and international banking expert who believes the reason they want to go cashless is so they can implement negative interest rates. The shocking part is that the real reason behind the intention to ban cash looks more like George Orwell’s' 1984 novel than our desired progress paradise. Unfortunately, it's far more diabolical. According to Richard Werner, a cashless society with negative interest rates is a plan to put the small banks out of business and consolidate power with the biggest banks in the world. And this isn't where the plan ends. In this video I explain:
1. The usual reasons why you think they want to ban cash
2. The real reason why they want negative interest rates
3. The cashless endgame
Discover the real reasons and give me your opinion about it using my G.O. Scale.