South Korea is one of the freest and most democratic countries in Asia and also one of the most connected and technologically advanced countries in the world. This country has been the example of an economic miracle. In a little over 50 years it transformed from being a very poor country to one of the richest countries. However, in this video we’re going to talk about the internet. South Korea has the most Internet access in the world. No less than 96% of all South Koreans have access to the internet. However, despite this, the NGO Freedom House, which creates an annual benchmark index on network freedom, South Korea barely reaches the “partially free” status. That puts South Korea at the same level as countries like Nigeria or Kyrgyzstan. So what exactly is happening in South Korea? Why do they have such a low level of network freedom? In this video, we’ll answer these questions and tell you how the South Korean government is copying China’s Internet censorship methods.