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Thread: LOL Arab roots of name Rus

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    Default LOL Arab roots of name Rus

    This is insane

    Konstantin Nikolaevich, you assume that the name Rus may have the Arabian roots: from the capital of the Caliphate of the first half of the eighth century - Rusayfa...
    Whether on the territory of Ukraine there were settlements of the Arabs?

    - I think, yes, there were. Otherwise, how to explain numerous villages with the names of Arabika (Zaporozhye area), Arapovka (Lugansk area), Arapovichi (Chernigov area), Voropai, Gorobievka, Vorobevka, etc.? And there are so many surnames from this root! As I already told you, the name of a sparrow birdie (orobye, orobets, vorobey - Rus, Ukr.) can be connected with a name of these people. For its character, as it understood our ancestors...

    It is interesting that Ukrainian Kolomyya from which stems "kolomiyky" is of the Arabian origin, too. "Kalam" - the Arabic word for "percept, the word of God", "kalamy" -a man who preaches Muslim dogmas. From the same word - ten villages Kolomievka, Kolomyychiha, Kolome, Kolomak, etc. A number of villages named Kolomiytsevo exist also in Russia.
    The mass facts of villages in Ukraine, already Christian at the moment of jihad, that is in the VIII century, are testified in Ukraine as well in the names of the Arabian origin, for example Zalibovka (the Rovno region), Zalipye (the Frankovsk region), Salivonki, Saliv (the Kiev region), Zalevki (the Cherkassy region), Slabunovoe (the Khmelnitskiy region), etc. - in all these stems is recognised the Arabian word "salib" - a cross.
    - So, the people of Ros, Rus were originally named Arabs?

    - I would tell more widely - participants of jihad who moved from the Balkans on the East... In the proper names there were many testifications of this movement. The aggressive Caliph in Rusayfa bore a name of Gisham. Another - also very aggressive Caliph was named Garun. It is already stated about the "trace" of Gisham in the names of Gaysin, Gishin, Gayshin. The name of Garun is also immortalised in the names of the villages of Gorun (now Goron), the Lvov region, two Goryngrads on the river of Goryn, Gorenichi, Gorenka, Gorincheva. This stem is also present among surnames of Ukrainians (Garun). And in 4 km from Goryngrad, imagine, there is a village of Barmaki! This neighbourhood became fatal for the whole stage of studios, after all people from a clan of Barmakids were viziers of Garun...

    According to the folklore, the Caliph Garun al-Rashid is know under the name of Zmey (Snake) Gorynych. Ethnic memory connects with it (actually much more ancient by age) Zmievy shaft of the defensive destination which rests are found across the whole Central Ukraine.

    According to your researches, the Arabs came to us from the West. Was it not closer for them to come from the East?

    - The way through Caucasus was then closed for them. They could not make their way neither through Byzantium, nor through Hozariya with which they were constantly at war.

    Though it is paradoxical, but the Arabian East came to us from the West - historians know about the so-called Moravian way. It is not not else than "the Moorish way": the whole Europe called Arabs - the Moors. This word safely lives in the name of the whole historical area of the Czeck Republic - Moravia, in names of the rivers of Morava (in Serbia), Muresh (Romania), Moore (Austria and Slovenia), probably, as in the Shevchenkovsky village Morintsy. It is indicative that from all Slavs in the population of the Czeck Republic and Serbia Y-gaplogroups E1b1b and J2, connected with the Berbers and the Arabs, make more than 20 % (and among our neighbours - Romanians - even third), at the Slovaks - already only 15 %, and in Ukraine as it was stated before - 8 %.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukasz View Post
    Whether on the territory of Ukraine there were settlements of the Arabs?

    - I think, yes, there were. Otherwise, how to explain numerous villages with the names of Arabika (Zaporozhye area), Arapovka (Lugansk area), Arapovichi (Chernigov area), Voropai, Gorobievka, Vorobevka, etc.? And there are so many surnames from this root!
    We have surname Arap/Arapu in Moldova, which is apparently indeed derived from the word "Arab". But I'm not sure if they were ethnically Arab, because I'm looking at the localities where these surnames exist, and where those surnames are most widespread, the populace is majority Roma.
    Coincidentally, I also have the K13 results of a person with the Arap surname in my database for Moldova. They are full Roma.


    K13 of an Arap individual:
    Name Origin Test N_Atlantic Baltic West_Med West_Asian East_Med Red_Sea South_Asian East_Asian Siberian Amerindian Oceanian NE_African Sub-Saharan
    Arap, Calarasi, full Roma R. Moldova, mixed 23andme V3 10.85 8.12 13.85 16.55 18.75 2.37 25.19 1.34 1.65 0.21 0.52 0.58 0

    Recent ancestry: 2/4 Central Moldova (Orhei district), 1/4 Southern Moldova (Cahul district), 1/4 Northern Moldova (Briceni district)
    Autosomal DNA
    Mind the SNPs

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