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Thread: Varg vs Italians, the madman's latest victim is none other than... Aranzulla. Hilarity Ensues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
    Even Nazis unironically considered Mediterraneans to be the most Aryan after the Nords.
    If Germany would had won the WW2 then Varg would be german speaker today. And Himmler (german version of Varg) would had brought scandinavians to Germany to make germans more blonde

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    Quote Originally Posted by dududud View Post
    Varg is right, this Sicilian has mixed features, which makes sense given that Sicilians have a strong Levant Neolithic, Caucasus and Iran farmer input, but Varg does not understand that this kind of phenotype is due to this kind of input. ;

    Varg tends to put in the same bag this kind of hybrid trait and local and autochthonous traits of certain places, for example: one cannot compare a Sicilian with this kind of hybrid traits to a French from Gouy-saint-andré (North of France) which would be dark chestnut with brown eyes (medium), I know that Varg would say that even if the second does not have mixed features, he has a sign of "mixed race", because the brown color is not a sign of Europeanity and this is where I disagree with him, because it's wrong.

    He is therefore partly right about the "non-European" contributions in certain corners of Europe, which may give hybrid phenotypes, or more, but he is also partly wrong, because the brown color is not no sign of non-Europeanness insofar as the Western Hunter Gatherers were possibly mostly "brunette" (the nuance, we do not know it, so difficult to answer).
    We're all a bit hybrids anyway, we're not trees that have remained unchanged for the past 10,000 years. First the WHG, then EEF, then Steppe, and these populations were quite different from each other. Funny then that he claims to be "a native European Neanderthal from Thule" when only in the Paleolithic 45% of his ancestors lived in Anatolia. But you know, these are just Jewish lies...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiăo de Góis View Post
    Did you know who he was before coming to this forum? I didn't.
    I knew Varg from the metal scene, his band Burzum, and knew about his arrest. He is obviously a psycho.

    Anyway if nordicists want to preserve their Nordic types and oppose mixing with non nordics that is their option, I have nothing against, that's how peoples are preserved. Other peoples have the right to do the same and stick to their own, again it's a matter of choice.

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