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Thread: The rot is setting in in Italy.

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    Default The rot is setting in in Italy.

    I was having lunch with my wife today just outside of Rome and on the wall across from the Trattoria was a poster put up by the local commune basically wishing all the schoolkids a happy new school year and wishing them luck.
    Being the observent person i am and also being the cynical person i am i couldnt help but notice the schoolchildren in the photo......i can spot one young girl in the fron partly covered who would pass for an Italian....and she looks like she has been on the ugly pills.
    I say that because Italian children for the most part are quite good looking and healthy yet they chose to pick some non entity to represent Italy on their posters.

    Now my children go to scholl in Italy and its quite a large school and the only foreigners there are my kids who are half Italian and some others of mixed European/Italian parentage.

    I found it quite disturbing tbh,that these cultural marxists have at last landed no place safe from their dirty deeds...?

    BTW i peeled the poster off the wall and fed into a ever hungry bin.
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