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Once some wise words from Russia (foreign minister Lavrov): '' Russia will respect Finland's and Sweden's sovereignties (also what comes to possible NATO memberships). But he also said that neutrality of two countries will increase safety of whole Northern Europe''.

I very much doubt Finland is high on Russia's agenda. This is because Russia sees itself first most as Slavic Empire. And I don't give a fuck if Poles here think that Russians are not Slavs. This is about what RUSSIA SEES ITSELF. The whole Russian rhetoric is filled with Slavic supremacy and heritage-sobbings. That is why Russia is so angry at Poland because it sees it as Slavic traitor. That is why Russia supported Serbia strongly in Kosovo etc etc. First most Russia wants to secure Slavic nations within its borders, Ukraine and Belarus. Then Poland and brothers at Balkans. Then deffo Latvia and Lithuania before Estonia. After that it could go after Finland.