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Thread: Collapse Is Happening Before Our Eyes

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    On sexuality

    OROS is distilling the most practical ways of metaphysical cognitive process from all that people have known or perceived in life. Here I assume no individual personality in the establishment of doctrines since, doctrines are a vessel not the substance. An alternative grail or chalice in allegorical terms. The question is what to be put into and be served. I am not much interested in in-depth mystical formulations all I have used so far is borrowed from either Christian or Buddhist and many other traditions but not made into a more elaborately complicated religion rather the utmost simplified framework that is almost empty. Such doing explains my general attitude toward all religions, complicatedness of doctrines is in fact a schism of religion into cults which actually demonize the majority people. As you can see, in many archangel Michael`s vanquishing, human is depicted as the demon, this is the truth. Humans were actually born demons but why religion would turn humans into demons again while maintaining its sanctity? So I do not shame away from calling humans as demons in OROS.

    Sexuality is a part of sacred life, sexual pleasure is sacred but who can be untainted by indulgence in all sacred endowments? No one is particularly favored by God alone to claim more sacred endowments than the others. Like what Oscar Wilde said in his De Profundis: the one who thinks himself deserving God`s love, does not deserves it(not exactly quote but an emulation in meanings). Only when one knows that he is unworthy of love than he truly deserves. Greedy people do not deserve what they want, not just what they have. Christianity and Buddhism both acknowledge the limitations of man, so a truly religious person should always have a perception of ones own worthiness in check and never easily go beyond ones own limitations. In virtue wise, it also has limits, not self-imposed limits but limits as weaknesses that need to be considered before submitting to them. If one really tries to break ones own limits in terms of goodness, he must know better about his weaknesses as a human being. Not a cult established upon the premise of sexual exploitations of the weak. Of course, some religious sects including some Buddhist sects promote sexual debauchery as a way to enlightenment, but you can notice that these sects do not advocate the ideas of virtue and goodness, they bring the devices for hell into our world for enlightenments as if they can transcend their shared human natures with rest of the world just by meditations and eating controlled diets? critical thinking amiss, they attain sanctity on a questionable premise--This is a sign of superstition. First, we should start from critical self-criticism, and than toward metaphysical enlightening and then toward Orosist practical life, prepared for an aeternal struggle. No room for such petty "enlightenments". Of course, women`s part is not forgotten, they bring lives as mothers first, also they will act as priestess and nuns and artists and also partners. What is more to be desired than having such partners in this aeternal struggle? Within this perceived and conceived aeternal life, what is truly to be desired? The answer is clear, you either a man or woman, always have limits as a human being, sharing the same human nature with the others, untill God pass his evaluation. I am not calling for ascetic ways, just, as a human being, whatever you do you are a part of the others. If the others are more virtuous than you, you should be grateful for your unworthiness you gain so much. How many partners one ever has had, the mind always tries to find the one, not just a woman thing, man also does feel this way. Do your way without excuses, can you do it? if not then this is not your true way; if can, I approve.
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