MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. The Kiev regime is plotting a provocation in Kramatorsk with undermining medical establishments to later accuse Russia of committing ‘war crimes,’ Russia’s coordination headquarters for humanitarian response in Ukraine said on Sunday.

According to verified information from several independent sources, Ukrainian special services are hatching to stage a large-scale provocation to accuse Russia of committing war crimes, it said.

"For these ends, the Kiev regime plans to undermine the buildings of the Kramatorsk drug rehab and cancer clinics (Alexey Tikhy Street, 31) and the first city hospital (Alexey Tikhy Street, 17) to accuse Russia of delivering an allegedly ‘targeted strike’ on civilian facilities," the headquarters said, adding that Western journalists accompanied by officers of the Ukrainian Security Service have already arrived in the city and have checked in at the Sapfir hotel.

"Personnel have been evacuated from these medical establishments and have been switched to a remote work mode," it added.