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Thread: Did Arabs/Moors influence Spain in a positive way? Why Mongols couldn't do the same in Russia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Frank Grimes View Post
    The forum is about European culture. It isn't about stubbornly pushing misinformation, which you have done, because of your personal insecurity. Your presence on this forum is not one of interest in European culture. You're here to prove Italians have value over others. Your insecurity even makes you randomly bring up Northern Europeans when they're not even the topic. It bothers you that they're more relevant in the modern world and so you have to pretend they were savages that 'muh people' thousands of years ago (who you may not even cluster with genetically) taught everything. Heck, if it wasn't for Italians we probably wouldn't even have the internet where you can embarrass yourself, am I right? The realization that your nation is irrelevant on the world stage motivates you to pretend everything comes from Italians. It's just insecurity. You don't matter.

    It requires basic English comprehension.

    Do you mean it says the opposite of your initial source Encyclopedia Britannica? I find it ironic that you mock people who reference Wikipedia but you then use it as a source. It's almost as stupid as posting Encyclopedia Britannica as a source when it contradicted your claim. The link you posted (which is from the Wikipedia article) is an essay written by Jayson Kerr Dobney. Encyclopedia Britannica involves many people from a field. One man doesn't trump a group of experts.

    Italy was not the only place in Europe flowering with culture and civilization. Perhaps you should take the time to be a better-read person. People like yourself have no intellectual curiosity and so you only learn about 'muh people' but never that of others unless you think there is a relation to 'muh people.' The motivation is personal instead of intellectual and hence why you have been stumbling about like the fool that you are.

    For someone who is so certain about being certain you sure do make many factual errors. Try once again to pass off a family of craftsmen from Naples living in the 17th century as the originators of the lute, please. That was hilarious.

    'It must be Italian because... it just must be...' This low IQ mindset also led you to misrepresent the guitarra latina.

    While you're at it please support your statement that 'half of famous Ancient Greeks were Italian' because that was also amusing nonsense.

    You haven't bothered to find a source that supports your 'Italian inspiration' claim. You're more certain than the scholars, apparently. Your certainty is just your ignorance speaking.

    Dude, you posted a respected and reliable source that contradicted your claims. You have consistently made embarrassing errors. You're not educated.
    It is Italy that is the heyday of European barbaric civilization

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    Quote Originally Posted by renaissance12 View Post
    You're just a stars and stripes turkey and you don't know how to use the little brain you have.

    Until the 14th century culture in Europe beyond the ALPS was 100% in the hands of the Church of Rome.

    It was Rome that established what and how it was necessary to teach.... There was no culture that was not controlled by the Church.
    In Italy, however, culture was not 100% in the hands of the Church. The oldest Italian universities were not founded by the Church but by nonreligious people.
    The first universities beyond the Alps were under the strict control of the church.

    Nothing happened beyond the Alps that was not known and wanted by the Church of Rome..

    As for Nordicists like you.. they can go to SKADI and tell each other about the latest adventures of THOR published by MARVEL..or to tell each other that the Vikings discovered America or invented navigation by doing the trigonometric calculations ..

    I discovered the existence of the Skadi forum ( months ago ) looking for information on a Finnish hen (no offense) who can't accept the cultural insignificance of her country..

    Explaining who invented the internet is like explaining who invented the car... These are the questions that arise from stupid kids in USA..
    Stop your pathetic whining and bitching. You keep telling people to get an education and yet I have consistently busted you on passing misinformation (actually, I used your own source against you, which a normal person would have been so embarrassed they would have shut their mouth). You then ramble on like a lunatic about irrelevant dribble: what do I care about your internet argument with a Finnish woman or Skadi?

    'But... but... the Church... controlled the savages up north... derpy derpy derp... but not muh people!!!"

    Normally I would accuse someone who is blatantly wrong as being dishonest but you're clearly ignorant. The church did have control of Italian universities and the papal bulls issued prove this reality.

    The University of Bologna (the oldest Italian university):

    As time went by, students lost their autonomy, not only in their management bodies but also in city councils, suffering greater influence from local and papal authorities.
    Also, Italians weren't the only ones to initially form a university outside of the church, as I prove with sources below:

    The University of Paris

    The University de Paris was founded at the very beginning of the 13th century with the appearance of the guild of Parisian teachers and students (universitas magistrorum and scholarium Parisiensis), which competed with the teaching given in the schools of the cloister of Notre-Dame de Paris, on the Île de la Cité. This first "university" had its own regulations and statutes, was arranged in four faculties (liberal arts, law, medicine and theology) and, although it did not really have its own buildings, took root on the left bank of the Seine.
    Let's look at some Italian universities:

    University of Perugia

    The Studium dates back to 1308, when Clement V’s Papal Bull “Super Specula” officially awarded it the status of Studium Generale, although various local Schools and Universitates Scholarium already existed before the formal papal recognition and were held in especially high regard for the excellence of their Medical Sciences and Law seminars.
    Oh, here is an actual university not controlled by the Church but instead by a king: University of Naples Federico II for the purpose of secular administration. Pay attention to what is said about Bologna and Padua:

    The king’s objective was to create an institution of higher learning that would put an end to the predominance of the universities of northern Italy, most notably those of Bologna and Padua, which were considered either too independent or under the strong influence of the Pope.
    I don't have patience to go further.

    First time anyone has called me a Nordicist.

    btw, can you explain to me the Italian inspiration for the internet and also the car? Everything basically finds its way back to Italy.

    You pathetic dumb fuck. Like most stupid people you know bits and pieces that you like but never the whole story.

    Oh btw again, I rather live in Finland than Italy. I prefer a functional society.

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