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Thread: The irish brigade

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    Default The irish brigade


    Listen all ye that hold communion
    With Southern Confederates who are bold,
    And I will tell you of some men for the Union
    Who in northern ranks were enrolled;
    They came to Missouri in their glory
    And thought at their might we'd be dismayed;
    But they soon had a different story
    When they met Kelly's Irish Brigade.

    When they met with the Irish Brigade me boys
    When they met with the Irish Brigade
    Didn't those cowardly Lincolnites tremble
    When they met with the Irish Brigade.

    They have called us rebels and traitors,
    But themselves have thrown off that name of late.
    They were called it by the English invaders
    At home in the eve of ninety eight
    The name to us is not a new one though,
    Tis one that shall never degrade
    And it's true-hearted Irishmen
    In the ranks of Kelly's Irish Brigade.


    Well they dare not call us invaders,
    'Tis but state rights and liberty we ask;
    And Missouri, we will ever defend her,
    No matter how hard may be the task.
    Then let the Irishmen assemble,
    Let the voice of Missouri be obeyed;
    And the northern fanatics will tremble
    When again they meet Kelly's Irish Brigade.


    Music: David Kincaid

    This is a song of the Irish Confederates of Missouri.



    Oh, not now for songs of a nation's wrongs,
    not the groans of starving labor;
    Let the rifle ring and the bullet sing
    to the clash of the flashing sabre!
    There are Irish ranks on the tented banks
    of Columbia's guarded ocean;
    And an iron clank from flank to flank
    tells of armed men in motion.

    And frank souls there clear true and bare
    To all, as the steel beside them,
    Can love or hate withe the strength of fate,
    Till the grave of the valiant hide them.
    Each seems to be mailed Ard Righ,
    whose sword's avenging glory
    Must light the fight and smite for right,
    Like Brian's in olden story.

    With pale affright and panic flight
    Shall dastard Yankees base and hollow,
    Hear a Celtic race, from their battle place,
    Charge to the shout of "Faugh-a-ballaugh!"
    By the sould above, by the land we love
    Her tears bleeding patience
    The sledge is wrought that shall smash to naught
    The brazen liar of nations.

    The Irish green shall again be seen
    as our Irish fathers bore it,
    A burning wind from the South behind,
    and the Yankee rout before it!
    O'Neil's red hand shall purge the land-
    Rain a fire on men and cattle,
    Till the Lincoln snakes in their own cold lakes
    Plunge from the blaze of battle.

    The knaves that rest on Columbia's breast,
    and the voice of true men stifle;
    we'll exorcise from the rescued prize-
    Our talisman, the rifle;
    For a tyrant's life a bowie knife!-
    Of Union knot dissolvers,
    The best we ken are stalwart men,
    Columbiads and revolvers!

    Whoe'er shall march by triumphal arch
    Whoe'er may swell the slaughter,
    Our drums shall roll from the Capitol
    O'er Potomac's fateful water!
    Rise, bleeding ghosts, to the Lord of Hosts
    For judgement final and solemn;
    Your fanatic horde to the edge of the sword
    Is doomed line, square, and column!

    Music By: David Kincaid

    "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." - Albert Camus

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    I fukin luv the last song.

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