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Thread: Cults: The most destructive of them all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leliana View Post
    Talking about psychotic sects, meanwhile in Mecca:

    The 'prophet' shows his face and studies his followers.
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    There are thousands of cults in existence, with millions of members all over the world, we still haven't even been able to figure out a solid definition for cult. The only time we can accurately call a religion or organisation a cult is when all of their members are dead and there is no push back. Raëlian cult is still around, Scientology, Mormons etc. it's probably easier than ever to start one now that people are even more socially isolated than 20-30 years ago since that is a cult's main marketing.

    Almost everyone goes through an existential crisis at some point in their lifetime. Finding one’s identity and purpose in life can sometimes be a struggle, and a cult often gives people a cause that they can fight for. Whether it is attaining eternal life in a spiritual realm, or working day and night to change a political issue, a cult can give a purpose in life to people who did not have their own strong goals. Cults also offer a very structured lifestyle, with absolute answers about what is right and wrong. They are usually very open, loving, and welcoming. There are almost never any obvious red flags to warn people that they may unwittingly end up in a cult. The longer they stay, the more they receive promises for health, wealth, and well-being.

    Most of the stuff the Peoples Temple believed is mainstream leftism today. The cold war and its decades of ideological consternation sent people running towards enclaves of all kinds. Militias, cults, communes and political terror groups of every colour were full of scared people looking for a bulwark against the global collapse everyone thought was inevitable.

    However, the only growth sectors with cults right now are localised churches (typically Southern Baptist offshoots) that are fairly self-limiting. You get into Southern Baptist splinter factions at all and you will realise that there is often a charismatic central leader that is fleecing the shit out of everyone else and living high on the hog.

    The Indian/Eastern mysticism shit is still out there but nowhere as prevalent as it once was, probably peaking in the early 70s (Hare Krishna). I know there are some people involved with "gurus" and it's mostly harmless, aside from the fact that they milk money out of them. Again nowhere near what it once was back in the Maharajji days, which was Scientology-tier slavery and theft.
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