Pioneers of Physical Anthropology

Bertil J. Lundman

Dr. Bertil J. Lundman, Professor of Physical Anthropology at the University of Uppsala (Sweden), is one of Scandinavia's foremost anthropologists. He was born in Sweden in 1899 and educated at the University of Uppsala, where he has spent his entire academic career. Professor Lundman graduated from Uppsala in 1925 with a B.Sc. degree for his work in botany and geography. While working in these fields, he turned his attention to the study of geology, archaeology, ancient languages, and theology. As a result of his theological studies, he published several works on Swedish religious geography, and in 1935 he was awarded a B. Div. degree by the University of Uppsala.

Dr. Lundman's findings in these various sciences led to his interest in physical anthropology, and in the early 1930's he had already begun extensive field studies of the physical anthropology of central Sweden. In the course of this broad-scale field study, Professor Lundman personally took anthropometric measurements of more than 15,000 persons. He summed up his findings of this study in a dissertation on the physical anthropology of the Swedish province of Dalecarlia. After a delay caused by World War II, Dr. Lundman was given a Ph.D. by the University of Uppsala for this work.
Since the end of World War II, Professor Lundman has carried out investigations in several other Swedish provinces, which have added considerably to the present-day knowledge of the biology and physical anthropology of the Swedes, Lapps, and Swedish Gypsies. In 1947 he was appointed Associate Professor of Physical Anthropology at the University of Uppsala.

Dr. Lundman, who is associated with various scientific and anthropological societies in Sweden, is an honorary member of such groups in Germany, Italy, and the United States. He is the author of more than 150 articles and monographs dealing with physical and cultural anthropology, ethnology, sociology, eugenics, zoology, botany, geography, ethics and church history. He is also the author of a number of books, including the following:

1. Nordens Rastyper (The Racial Types of the Nordic Countries) (1940)
2. Sveriges Religiøsa Geografi (The Religious Geography of Sweden) (1942)
3. Jordens Människoraser och Folkstammer (The Physical Races and Ethnic Groups of the World) (1943)
4. Dalaallmogens Antropologi (The Physical Anthropology of Dalecarlia) (1945)
5. Raser och Folkstockar i Balto-Skandia (Physical Races and Ethnic Groups in the Baltic and Scandinavian Countries) (1946)
6. Nutidens Människoraser (The Living Races of Man) (1946)
7. Umriss der Rassenkunde des Menschen in Geschichtlicher Zeit (Outline of the Racial History of Man in Historical Tirnes)
8. Stammeskunde des Menschen in Geschkhlicher Zeit (The Physical, Linguistic, and Ethnic Races of Man in Historical Times) (1961)
9. Geographische Anthropologie (Geographical Anthropology) (1967)

[Taken from: Bertil Lundman "The Races and Peoples of Europe" (1977)]