Systematic Appendix: The Races of Europe

EUROPID OR WHITE PRIMARY RACE: Thin to medium-thick, mostly more-or-less light skin. Soft, smooth to wavy or curly hair and generally a stronger growth of beard. A rather narrow nose and generally thin lips. Types of body build: mostly juvenile (virile) and boreal, occasionally mature.

A. Caspid Southeastern High-Skulled Racial Group.

     I. More boreal body build.
       a) Face somewhat protomorphic.
        1. Eye sockets often somewhat slanted. More-or-less high in frequency of blood type gene q.
         + Volgid Race: dark pigmented, very short-statured, thickset, long- to medium-skulled,
         + + East-Baltid Race: very light pigmented, taller, however thickset, round-headed with flat occiput. Eyes often situated
               somewhat flat in the face. Two subraces in this area of Europe.
        2. Eyes direct, large upper iris: Pre-Pontid Race (extinct).
       b) Face almost infantile.
        1. Scando-Lappid Race: very short-statured, with very low face and round skull, rather dark pigmented. Very low frequency of
            blood type gene q and very high frequency of blood type gene p2. Also very unique in other serological traits.
        2. East-Alpine Race: Similar, but less pronounced, traits. Much higher frequency of blood type gene q.

     II. Progressive Procopomorphic Types - All Extremely Long-Skulled.
       a) East-Mediterranean Race: dark pigmented, with many subraces.
        1. The Pontid (in southern Russia).
        2. The Iranid: partly influenced by the Arabid race, with narrow rectangular face.
        3. The North-Indid: very tall, heavily bearded, large nose, and a high frequency of blood type gene q.
        4. The Gangid: small, very gracile, with thin, sparse beard, and a high frequency of blood type gene q.
        5. The Nesid (in the South Seas).
        6. The Saharid or South-Mediterranean (in North Africa): rather tall and gracile, with a low frequency of blood type gene q.
        7. The Aegyptid: very closely related to the Saharid, but with a high frequency of blood type gene q.
      b) The East-Nordid Subrace (of the low-skulled, fair North Race): similar to this North race in anthropological traits (almost
          disappeared through crossing).

     III. Taurid Race: mature-boreal, with very high and round skull, very flat occiput and larger nose. At least two subraces: the very
         tall Dinarid with short arms and the mature-boreal, medium-sized Anatolid or Armenid (and the somewhat less pronounced
         Mtebid, with a very low frequency of blood type gene q, in the Caucasus).

B. Atlantid Northwestern Low-Skulled Racial Group (Always With Low Frequencies of Blood Type Gene q).

     I. Long-Skulled (Dolichocephalic).
       a. Palaeo-Atlantid Race: somewhat protomorphic, broad-nosed, very broad-faced, tall and robust, light-mixed in pigmentation.
           Low in the frequency of blood type gene p and high in blood type gene r.
       b. Nordid Race: virile, more progressive, lighter in pigmentation. Three subraces: the broader-faced, more robust Faelish (Faelo-
           Nordid) subrace, the narrower-faced, more slender Scando-Nordid subrace, and the North-A tiantid subrace which is
           morphologically similar to the Scando-Nordid. The first two subraces are rather light-haired, while the North-Atlantid subrace is
           more dark-haired but at the same time light-eyed. The North-Atlantid subrace also has a higher frequency of blood type gene
and a lower frequency of p than the other two subraces.
       c. Southern, Dark-Pigmented, Short-Statured Group:
        1. Berid Race: more infantile-puerile, with low frequencies of blood type genes p and q.
        2. Juvenile.
          + West-Mediterranean Race: horizontal eye-socket, with a more virile Basquid subrace. The ABO-allelic relationships, and also
             the Rh-system, are very unique in several ways in this subrace.
         + + Arabid Race: slanted eye-socket and almond eyes. Differentiated from the preceding races in facial morphology and facial
               dynamics. Also a very narrow and sloping forehead, with a distinct rhombicshaped face. A Syrid subrace, with a lower
               frequency of blood type gene r.

    II. Round-Skulled (Brachycephalic): West-Alpine Race, infantile-boreal.