1. Will joining my enemy defeat them?

    It amazes me how much hatred and opposition I can draw on myself.

    I was just watching an Australian comedy festival.
    It's one for up and coming comedians. I noticed that hardly any of them is not a minority. There's gays, lesbian and all different muds.

    After the mandatory expressions of chagrin and cursing at my screen, I wondered if it would be a good way to win a competition of some kind by pretending I was a tranny or a gay or Jew or something.
  2. Is there a Jewish conspiracy?

    Before mass immigration(and mostly even now) if a Korean immigrated to Australia, his children were Australian and his great grandchildren would have zero allegiance to Korea.

    They would think Australian and be Australian.

    This can be said for every other race on the planet.

    Some Jews are different.

    Some Jews assimilate like the others, but that also means that they cease to become Jews.Some Jews do not. This is their decision, not the ...

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  3. The selective forgetfulness of women

    Every 17 year old girl knows a few simple tricks about cooking that most 30 year old men don't know.

    Slightly older girls who are half way through university know nothing about cooking.

    Is it the short hair? Is the memory of women in the ends of their hair?