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    Godine su prošle,
    A ja sam idalje sam,
    U san te oči dolaze,
    Da ih pamtim, 
    dobro ja to znam
    Ništa novo,
    Sve je staro,
    Boli srce moje,
    Da te voli, 
    nekada je znalo
    I godina da prodje sto,
    Svaki novi dan, meni isto biće,
    Ti nikad nisi bila to,
    Da zbog tebe sumorna mi zora sviće
  2. How to Conserve Forest Resources?

    The forest is an integral part of our ecosystem. The forest is reputable for providing shelter
    for wild animals. It also provides raw materials for over five thousand products. It is one of
    the most extensive natural landscapes. There is dire need to protect our forests, and this is the
    list from

    1. Regulated and Planned Cutting of Trees

    The main reason for cutting trees is commercially linked. This would not be alarming, but
  3. Paybis Review | What makes Paybis great?

    Over the past year, I have been doing my best to find an easy and efficient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. One of the tallest barriers for mainstream adoption is the inability of the public to understand “how things work”.

    So, in my quest of finding an easier way for your elder relatives and non-tech-oriented friends to make their first investment in Bitcoin, I made a surprising discovery.

    Apparently, it is very easy to buy and store cryptocurrency. Who would have
  4. A Brief History of Resume Writing

    We seldom think of resumes or CVs as something with a history. Most of us take for granted that the resume has been around as long as employment itself. Historians don’t have a lot of information about the origins of the modern CV. However, if you’re curious then read on and learn what facts we do know about the historical characters who pioneered the resume.

    The first recorded resume

  5. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #8

    Godina za godinom,
    Dan za danom prolazi,
    Sve bih sada dao,
    Da si samnom, dolazi.
    Kuda da te tražim,
    Kuda dalje poći,
    Dok od sebe bežim,
    Bez tebe necu moći
    Ulice su duge,
    Noći su mi hladne,
    Dani puni tuge,
    Ne nisi, ti kao druge.

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