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  1. Rasse und Rassismus

    Leider ist das Thema „Rasse" in Europa, aber vor allem in Deutschland ein Tabu.
    Seit Jahrzehnten wird uns eigetrichtert, dass es zwar durchaus Unterschiede gibt, die aber von der Umwelt und der Kultur in der die Menschen leben, abhängig sind.
    Oder es heißt, dass wir alle gleich sind, ohne Wenn und Aber.
    Aber das stimmt so nicht.
    Dass wir nicht alle gleich sind, sollte eigentlich jedem klar sein, der nicht ideologisch total verblendet ist.
    Genau so wie eigentlich ...
  2. Excel Tool: 4 Easy-to-Follow Tips To Help You Create Your Graphs

    Excel Tool: 4 Easy-to-Follow Tips To Help You Create Your Graphs


    Learn how to graph in Excel with these 4 easy-to-follow tips from Venngage! We'll walk you through everything, from graph maker design and chart maker type selection to graph formatting and what the different graph types mean. And if you're not sure where to start, we've also included a template for your convenience!

    Where to find
  3. yooo


    Gambling is one of the most popular activities in the world today. According to an online survey conducted on a Facebook gambling group, up to three hundred thousand people play casino games daily in the American city of Vegas alone. However, the popularity of gambling has massively increased as a result of the advancement of technology in the industry with the development of gambling apps and online platforms spearheading a wide variety of technological innovations.

    Gambling is
  5. Uptightness: Loosen Up To Be More Socially Successful

    As I promised in my last post (Hedgehog's Dilemma) almost a year ago I will continue to develop on interpersonal relationships, here is the second post:

    -By Chris MacLeod, MSW.

    One broad way to do better with people is to lighten up a bit. For a subset of people with social difficulties, a core issue they have is that many of their behaviors and attitudes are too uptight:

    • They get irritated by social annoyances that most people let slide.
    • They care

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