My... Struggle and OUR Struggle

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I didn't feel like making a thread, because at the present moment my thoughts are disorganized. Perhaps eventually I will, when I am able to shift my thoughts to something more universal rather than just about me. In the mean time I thank those who will take the time to read.

As we all know my beginnings at The Apricity have not been easy. And I understand why. Today I owe many thanks to those who from the start sided with me, and I thank all those who eventually accepted me.

Over the past months, sometimes with prolonged absence on my part, TA has instilled in me an idea which has since taken roots inside of my mind. My recent DNA test has furthered my reassurance, love and convinction in my European roots. This combined with the viewing of films and articles, my idea has begun to bud and slowly flower.

But my struggle didn't start here and it will not end here. I know that forever I am stuck between races. And it is with tears in my eyes that I write this, when I think of my deep, unwavering love and faith in my European roots. I've tried to be reasonable, to be moderate, but I can't. And why should I? My struggle lies in great part with my identity, which is set inside of me, it is undeniable, indestructible. But the problem is of course how I am perceived by others. In every way.

I have never felt like I had to "pick a side". Why should I have? It was clear to me, who I was and who I identify with. It had never even crossed my mind to question my European (and of course also White Canadian) heritage. Because although my blood is impure, my heart and my mind always have been and always will be. I was raised, and loved by my mother and her family composed mainly of Europeans, some Canadians and some Americans. Who else will I identify with? Why should I identify with a culture and people alien to mine simply because part of my blood is shared with them?

I'm sure the scenario would be quite different had I been born in America, or at least the chances of it being different would be a lot higher, if only because of the social construct and importance around racial identity with few (until recently) in-betweens. Therefore I am greatful I was not, because I feel this way my allegiance remains untainted. On the other hand I think some feel the contrary, that it would be better if I identified with the otherness more.

Some will ask me why I care. I care because I love. I love my family, I love my people, I love my countries, I love the European subcontinent. I have been aware but only vaguely of the danger looming over it all. But it is recently with watching documentaries, searching for news from a different point of view, reading blogs and website that I realize the depth of the situation. I feel like Europa needs to wake up and rise.

I will not accept the foreign influence in my countries. I will not accept the islimification of a goddamn Laicitic country. I will not accept that the cruelly prepared halal, but more dangerously, mosque-funding food be widespread and stamped upond products that were never muslim or intended to be. I will not accept that some of my countrymen have their glasses covered and shit while they let the doors open to more and more and more alien peoples when they need to fuck off because at the moment we're full.

I have become sensitive and aware to the fact mass-immigration needs to stop. Because although some immigrants are honest hard working people, wanting to make a living in a new country, making an effort to learn the language, adopt new customs and willing to call this new land "home", all too many of them don't. All too many of them simply want to reap the benefits and rape our ressources, leech off the back of the people who actually make an honest living. All to many spit on us, disrespect us. All too many send us death threats of all aspects. I am afraid, very afraid of what could come. But I am not afraid to fight for this land, tooth and nail.

Weed out the insurgents who want to impose Islam on us. Weed out the insurgents who spit on us and our land. Weed out those who simply sit and do nothing while crying for welfare. Weed out those who do not speak the main language and have no desire to learn it.

I have watched recently the documentary Kampf im Klassenzimmer which has spurred me deep inside to truly wake up and get active. The treatment of the welcoming locals by the new arrivants is repulsive. But it is a reality and it will become the reality if no action is taken now. I am glad to see people are waking up, if ever slowly and I hope to be part of a movement who will help give a "push".

What is taking place as you all know is not merely just an influx of population but neo-colonization that is simply unacceptable! If all these migrants had similar culture and if not, a desire to assimilate in our cultures, then all would be well, but they don't. They only have an interest in taking and raping the ressources we generously offer. They have no true interest in our countries, our histories, our people, our cultures. They see us as shit and scum and think they are so much better because they beat their kids and keep their daughters confined. I speak mostly with Muslims in mind because Mulsims are not a biological race, but rather a spiritual one. I'd never thought I'd see the day where I'd quote Adolf Hitler, but here it is:
“We use the term Jewish race merely for reasons of linguistic convenience, for in the real sense of the word, and from a genetic point of view, there is no Jewish race. [...] The Jewish race is above all a community of the spirit. Spiritual race is of a more solid and more durable kind than natural race.
For that precise reason Islam is a primary threat to Europe more than anything else. I think this is why it important to reinstill patriotic if not national pride in all countries in Europe. Reduce materialism, reduce some individualism, create a spirit of community, of brotherhood. For then people will be motivated to rise together and fight together, to resist the erradication of Europe as we once knew it.

I've decided it is time I make my thoughts know to all. I've decided it is time for me to take action and hoist my colours as high as possible. I see the part of my origins that are foreign as an unfortunate obstacle, but I am sure that in time perhaps it will be of purpose. Perhaps in a way they help me cherish more that which of me is European. Who knows, in the mean time I will struggle on for myself and for Europa.

With that, I once again want to thank Loki and Maheym Vixen for having originally allowed me to stay. I want to thank the countless others who have accepted me, be it from the start or later on. And I want to thank for everyone on the forum, for helping me along in solidifying my ideas on thoughts, for giving me confidence in the fact it is not wrong to want to protect that which I love. I owe you a lot. I thank and love you from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. Treffie's Avatar
    Nice musings Anterosa - I've always considered you as having a place here as much as anyone else. :thumb001:
  2. Sol Invictus's Avatar
  3. Germanicus's Avatar
    Initially i thought you had hidden agendas: Time has shown that you do not, my frostyness towards you at first was protectionist for The Apricity. You are a worthy member in every way, please forgive me.
  4. The Lawspeaker's Avatar
    Bravo !
  5. Fintorah's Avatar
    Good blog, and I think you'd find the more you look away from the projected image of Hitler, the more reasonable and insightful he seems... especially after realizing what he REALLY wanted, which clearly escapes most people who haven't read his memoirs.

    I don't idolize the man, and with his image it would be foolish to (it's because of him that so many Aryan cultural ideas have been tarnished), but I don't hate him either.

    Great blog post!
  6. joe blowe's Avatar
    - Islam has many passages, a few hundred in their holy books, promoting Jihad or the Holy War against the Infidel. The more belicose of them being the latter ones, which abrogate the earlier ones.

    - Many people of the Islamic Faith believe and profess these to be the true intent of their teachings.

    - Islam contain in their teachings the concept of Taqyia, or 'it is ok to lie if it furthers their objective'. Christian religions (and Jewish especially) are predicated in Moral Behaviour, in stark contrast with Islam. The behaviour of the followers may not have been at time exemplary, but at least they are not encouraged to deceit.

    - The history of Islam and its progression in a succession of violent conquests and the subsequent parasitic behaviour towards its hapless victims speak volumes confirming the assertion of this behaviour being 'by dictum'.

    - The preordained demographic surge in Muslim populations in the West where the very democratic traditions so extolled by the media will lead invariable to a complete subjugation of the western way of life and customs.

    - The shear number of murderous attacks against both other Muslims and Infidels taking place in the recent past should be enough evidence to put to rest any ideas of complacency and tolerance.