Second blog, and about sheeps

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Well, here's the second blog, and it's about sheeps, no, not those wooly ones, but the sheeps of the society.

We all know about the mainstream culture right? How it's swallows us all and tries to make us wear ugly clothing and stuff because it's "the trend of today".

Now, in my neighbourhood there's lot's of these sheeps, you got the "gangstas" who wear baggy clothes, big capses, bling bling() and so on. There's the emo's/emokids who cut's themself for attention. There's the ehm... in Norway they're know as "soss", well, those who dress feminin and only the newest fashion(which sometimes also cuts themself). And many other groups, but what does all these got in common? Yes, the leader-sheep. The one that's so cool, so ganstah, so emoish, so fashionable and so on.

And when you whatch these sheeps following this leader-sheep, it makes one wonder why? Why can't they just stop, look at themself and see the hoax? Cause that's what they are, hoaxes, in their own mirror. I were once a sheep(baaaah), but I was pulled of the track and told to watch myself, and today I'm no longer a part of the mainstream sheep culture

But why are there so many sheeps out there today? What's made them like this? And why don't they listen?

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  1. Loki's Avatar
    Very, very intriguing.

    Btw, I miss "Maidz"
  2. Vulpix's Avatar
    Because it's much easier to be a sheep ?

    EDIT: There's a term for them: sheeple (= people + sheep)
  3. Aemma's Avatar
    Yep sheep...sometimes lemmings too though :D
  4. Oresai's Avatar
    They should move to Orkney a while. It`s too bloody cold here to be fashionable! You tend to wear undies, thermals, woolly things and fur, three pairs of socks and sheepskin boots this time of year. Of course, then you look like a bit of a barrel, but hey, I`d rather be warm and unfashionable than skimpy and blue with the cold...
    (besides, at my age I`m certainly best with everything well covered, I don`t want to be scaring the REAL sheep )
  5. Oresai's Avatar
    P.S I love sheeple, hee...
  6. Skandi's Avatar
    Just need to change the leaders the Sheeple follow Any volunteers, any high cliffs...