Is there a Jewish conspiracy?

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Before mass immigration(and mostly even now) if a Korean immigrated to Australia, his children were Australian and his great grandchildren would have zero allegiance to Korea.

They would think Australian and be Australian.

This can be said for every other race on the planet.

Some Jews are different.

Some Jews assimilate like the others, but that also means that they cease to become Jews.Some Jews do not. This is their decision, not the decision of their host country's population or government.

Jews may live in another nation for hundreds of years an still consider themselves different to their new(?) countrymen. Once again this is their prerogative not their host countries.

The difficulty with first generation immigrants is they often have no loyalty to the community around them. We still call Italian Australians "greasy". This is partly an ethnic slur but also it's because even fourth generation ones can be less trustworthy in private business you do with them. They have learnt the disregard for honorable dealing that their great parents acquired as a survival Technic in a foreign country surrounded by aliens(us).

However this goes away in time and the new comers become Aussie, wholly.

The damage done is this. If there is a large influx of immigrants from Italy at one time as there was in Australia in the fifties, then the percentage of people with disregard for honorable dealing is boosted per capita. Other people respond by mirroring this dis-honorableness to recoup the money they've lost.

Who hasn't been ripped of on a second hand item and "sold it on" to the next unsuspecting punter at some time?

The problem with the Jewish organisation is that it firmly clings on to this lack of loyalty to the community who they live among as though it is a virtue.

Over time this has a negative affect on the solidarity of the people.

So regardless of whether their are Jewish conspiracies or not, Jews are are an unhealthy influence on a nation just as a mafia family is.The erosion of good will towards your neighbors is unhealthy for a community.

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  1. HungAryan's Avatar
    Well said!
  2. Anastazja's Avatar
    Are jews really a problem in Australia? I've never actually met one or even heard of any here.. ?
  3. Turkey's Avatar
    Yes there are Jews in Australia. I'm not sure if they are a problem here. My example about Italians in Australia does not mean I was writing about Jews in Australia, but just Jews in general.
  4. Anastazja's Avatar