Painting With Words

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So, I do this poetry thing sometimes where I have a person give me 3-5 words and then I write a poem for them. Below are some of my PWW for others.

Would you like a painting with words? Submit your five words then please .

"Creeper Set 1"
(conglomerate- absolution- parsimony)

He counted his coins with a final sigh,
A brief release, a small piece of love
Embedded sweet in a catcher in the rye.
Each moment, he dies a little at a time,
Sweet absolution only felt within lines.

Hand to mouth, mouth holding heart,
Who holds the key to resistance,
To one's existence in these games.
Parsimony in life, agony in release,
Hatred in confusion, glory in peace.

Who will grant him his soliloquy?
And toast with him when all is done?
The conglomerate of emotions have
Arrived to a conclusion of this meeting,
Silence to be had at the click of a gun.

"Ellynlvx Set 1"
(iceblue - sylphlike - oceanic - emerald - pearlesque)

Ah, muse!
Sitting in your sylphlike splendor,
All adore your beauty and
From your words, they hang;
It is because you have captured their hearts
That they have captured you,
Imprisoning you in this tomb of longing.
How I remembered the Oracle of Delphi
Crowned with myrrh and whispers of fate,
Pearls dripping from elongated limbs
As arms stretched towards the heavens.
The dance of your kingdom has never left you,
Each deep breath nostalgic for the salt of sea.
They adorn you with gifts to soothe aching;
I leave a conch shell to remind you of home.
Your heart is broken and ears are deafened
By the glare of glimmering of scales.
Harkening once more, you sing the song of
Generations before you because this is the
Only way to mitigate the pain in your soul.
The sound is healing and I am reeling
On ways to make you whole.

"Pearlty Set 1"
(benevolent - epistle - treasures - overflowing - renewed)

Heard it on the wind,
Tomorrow's tides are drifting;
Tree songs lifting my spirits
And guiding them home.
Each little prayer becomes
Treasures knotted on vines,
Straying to each mournful passing.
Can you hear my call?
Have I lost the magic within?
Please, beating heart,
Stay contained in my chest longer;
Falling apart from reminiscing time
Replacing moving feet where roots once were.
Grieving momentary lapses of memory,
Mother Earth, do you hold it against me?
I walk my own path now,
but I've never forsaken your vows.
Murmurs against my ankles,
Standing tall upon rocks at bay,
I raise my arms above my head,
Crying --
I will not be overcome,
No, I shall not be still.

"Cockroach set 1"
(yea i'm a Cockroach, problem?)

Coincidentally, I'm yours
Only for the night
Crevice after crevice, I search
Keeling over, craving more
Randomly seeking the one sweet
One precious for one warm love
Abatedly dashed are my hopes
Cunning, I hold on still because I
Have the heart of a survivor

"recycled set 1"
(asleep - unconscious - soulless - careless - dead)

the land of eternal waiting
of eternal night
i've hung out the stars to shine
though all lack the sight
eyes that cannot see
are useless when it comes down to it
i wait at the river of longing
and let the sand drift between fingers
the land of eternal curses
blessings without disguise
sometimes i wish that i
was born without eyes
but even then, i know the wish is futile
one day, the struggle will prove fruitful
when i can usher in the dawn
and wake the oblivious dreaming

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