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Thread: Anglojew's Interview With The Great Counter-Jihadist Norwegian Blogger Fjordman

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    Default Anglojew's Interview With The Great Counter-Jihadist Norwegian Blogger Fjordman

    The early 21st century is not the first time warnings of calamity have been ignored. Roman historian Livy tells us that in 391 BC a Roman plebian named Marcus Caedicius heard a warning from the goddess Vesta's sacred grove -of an imminent Gaulish attack- recommending the walls of Rome be fortified & instructing him to pass these messages on to the magistrates; but because of Caedicius's humble station this portent was not heeded & the Gauls sacked Rome in 390 BC.

    Like Marcus Caedicius Fjordman has been warning of the dangers posed by barbarians, in this case those who submit to Mohammed's Dark-Age teachings (known as Muslims [Submitters]), to our Western society & culture since the beginning of the century. Alas, his message has also largely fallen on deaf ears. Rome will fall once more if we do not heed his warnings.

    This is possibly the most important topic there is & one that needs as much publicity as possible especially in light of the globalist forces attempting to manipulate the Islamic hordes for their own ends.

    Here I present my lengthy interview with the great Norwegian blogger, political comentator, Islam-critic & Patriot of Western Culture Peder Jensen, known by his nom de plume Fjordman

    For those of you who haven't heard of Fjordman he is one of the most influential figures in the so-called "Counter-Jihad" movement with its warnings of an Islamic takeover of the West.

    Excerpts from this interview may also appear in future at the famous Gates Of Vienna website but here I present it in its entirety.

    I think that his responses read better as an essay -as the themes tend to blend into one another & cross-polllinate- rather than as point-by-point answers to my questions, however, I will include my questions above them in bold.

    Aprecians here is my interview with the great man himself:

    Hello Fjordman,

    Thanks so much for your time. This interview will be for a thread on "The Apricity" European cultural community free speech forum. Our readers tend to have a deep interest in European heritage & tend to be right of centre.

    It's quite a long interview so please feel free to answer which ever questions you like. I appreciate your time. I don't believe in censorship so won't edit your answers.


    You were an early & influential figure in the post-911, so-called, “counter-jihad” movement. Could you give the members & readers here a brief overview of your biography & views in your own words?
    How would you describe your personal political ideology?

    What was your original motivation to become an "activist"?

    After the Anders Breivik terrorism episode, you were unfairly demonised by the mainstream media -for guilt by association- due to the fact he mentioned you in his manifesto. After this you seem to have reduced your activism. Was this your own choice or were you coerced by the authorities?

    What sort of social stigma have you received for your views personally?

    Was Breivik an inevitable consequence of Norwegian elites cultural suicide through mass immigration, pro-Islam, cultural relativism & Marxism, or was he merely a nutcase, or a tool of larger forces?

    Do you feel in danger for critiquing Islam & Arab culture?

    You seem to have decreased your writings in the last few years. Are you still politically active?

    Do you feel the situation in Norway is improving?

    How does this compare with Sweden & other parts of Europe?

    Why are the Nordic countries so prone to cultural relativism & Marxism?

    Why are they so pro-Muslim/Islam?

    Do you associate yourself with the so-called Alt-right and/or European "identitarian" movements such as Generation Identity?

    Would you describe yourself as a nationalist?

    What are your views on the EU?

    Do you feel any pride in the fact that you are an inspiration & precursor to the new identitarian movement now inspiring many of Europe's youth?

    Would you ever formerly enter politics?

    Is there a particular political ideology or manifesto you would recommend to patriotic Europeans -or Westerners in general- or any political writers to read?

    What is your view on race & racism?

    Do you subscribe to ethno-nationalism or another form of nationalism e.g. cultural nationalism?

    In your opinion are race & nationalism related?

    Your early warnings on Islam were unfortunately not listened to by mainstream politicians. What do you think the future of Europe looks like demographically, culturally & politically?

    Is there a clash of civilisations?

    Can Islam be reformed?

    Is the Eurabian conspiracy real?

    Are any other conspiracies real?

    Which politicians do you admire?

    Which politicians do you dislike?

    Are you a fan of Donald Trump?

    What's your view of the mainstream media both in Norway & elsewhere?

    Which websites or blogs do you read?

    Have you been on the Apricity forum before?

    Do you have any message to Western patriots or nationalists reading this?

    Thanks in advance

    Fjordman writes;

    I was born in 1975. If I had any Islam-friendly or pro-Multicultural viewpoints in Norway in the 1990s, spending several years in the Middle East cured me of this. I was a student of Arabic at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, in 2001. I was in Cairo during the September 11th terror attacks in the USA that year. Some Egyptians I talked to were happy about these attacks against their American "allies." Western mass media claimed that almost all Arabs and Muslims lamented the 9/11 attacks. I knew this was not true. I lived in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world during these events.

    In 2002 and 2003, I worked in Israel and the Palestinian territories in a civilian observer mission called Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH). The mission itself is not very useful. However, I continued to learn more about Islamic culture and mentality. From my personal experiences and studies, Islam turned out to be a lot less peaceful than we are being told by the media and mainstream academia.

    When I returned to Norway in August 2003, I was convinced that Europe was importing big and dangerous future conflicts because of Muslim immigration. I also took a Master's degree at the University of Oslo with an emphasis on technology studies and Internet censorship.

    I was active on various websites for several years. Eventually, in February 2005, I adopted the pseudonym Fjordman. I have been using that pen name ever since, also after my real identity became known in 2011.

    I lived in Oslo between 2003 and 2011. After the mass killings of Anders Behring Breivik on July 22, 2011, I was forced into involuntary exile from Norway for years due to massive media demonization. I genuinely feared for my personality safety at this point. The media presented me nearly as the brains behind a mass murder I had absolutely nothing to do with. I got no aid whatsoever from Norwegian authorities, even though I was forced to leave my home and my job and flee the country. I was homeless for some time afterwards.

    The Norwegian police were very hostile during questioning, despite the fact that I volunteered to talk to them and was never charged with doing anything criminal. The police ransacked my home without a search warrant or court order.

    ABB had created a very long compendium or manifesto where he quoted many different authors, some of them long dead writers such as William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson or Gandhi. Yet because I was the only Norwegian on the top ten-list of those who were quoted in his text, the pressure on me was particularly extreme. This public demonization has partly continued until today, albeit with less intensity than in 2011.

    I have read Breivik's so-called manifesto closely, as well as some of the letters he has sent to the media from prison. My view is that Mr. Breivik is a nutcase who is probably medically insane. The first, very experienced forensic psychiatrists who examined him in 2011 declared that he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is insane. His mother was mentally unstable. His maternal grandmother also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia or something similar to it. This fact was downplayed by the media.

    Breivik declared that he is the "commander" of a non-existing terrorist organization. He created a uniform and medals for this imaginary organization. He even wanted to wear this uniform in court, but was denied this possibility.

    Yet following massive political and media pressure, Breivik was nevertheless declared sane during the trial in Oslo in 2012. This ruling is highly questionable. It was disputed by quite a few observers. The ruling elites wanted a sane, white terrorist and use him as a tool to smear critics of Islamization and mass immigration.

    I have been critical of Western mass media for many years. Nevertheless, witnessing lies and media distortion up close and personal after Breiviks' attacks was still quite shocking. The person I actually am didn't vaguely resemble the person I was portrayed as being by the press. Lies and smears were routinely published while truthful information was suppressed. Western media systematically distort reality and suffer from a profound left-wing bias on a range of issues.

    I published texts more frequently in 2005 or 2006 than I do today. Back then, I was still trying to warn against huge problems and conflicts that I could see coming. After some years of trying this approach, it became apparent that this strategy would not work.

    Ever since Greco-Roman Antiquity and the Bible, history is replete with examples of individuals who tried to warn against coming dangers but were not listened to. At best, they were ignored or mocked. At worst, they were blamed for creating the very problems they were warning against. Perhaps human nature makes it difficult to warn about potential problems in advance, before most people can see them with their own eyes.

    Sadly, it is now too late to warn against some of these dangers. We have large and deadly Islamic terrorist networks operating in multiple Western countries. Many European countries seem to be heading for some sort of ideological collapse and disorder. This sad outcome can probably not be avoided any longer.

    Criticizing Islam has become more dangerous during the past 10-15 years. Conferences dedicated to truthfully debating Islam and Muslim immigration now need much more security measures than they did a decade earlier.

    Whether or not Islam can be reformed depends upon your definition of "reformation." If a "reformation" simply means a return to the earliest days of the founder of the religion, this will lead to more Jihad violence inspired by the example of the warlord Muhammed.

    It could be argued that such an "Islamic Reformation" has already happened, with the foundation of organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood plus the terror networks al-Qaida and the Islamic State (ISIS). This was not a positive development, and not something we should wish for.

    Another interpretation is that an "Islamic Reformation" is taken to mean a new form of Islam that is peaceful, devoid of Jihad violence, without notions of Islamic supremacy and based on secular laws, not sharia laws. It is very unlikely whether such a version of Islam will ever become the primary one.

    Moreover, Muslims are adults. They can and should fix their own problems in their own countries. They should not be allowed to export their problems to us and destroy our societies. We cannot continue importing Muslims who murder us in our own cities, and then hope that this will stop by itself in the future. Islam as it exists today is not compatible with our culture and does not belong in Europe.

    While I usually vote in elections, I have never been a member of a political party in my adult life. I harbor no personal political ambitions. If I ever enter politics, it will be reluctantly and out of a sense of duty. I am unsure of how well suited I am for politics, though.

    In this dangerous age of Islamic terrorism and invasion, Europe also needs generals and military leaders. I am not a military leader. Whatever modest contributions I can make to this cause should primarily be directed towards analyzing what went wrong with the Western world, as well as rediscovering the true richness of European culture after decades of distortion.

    I have therefore refocused my writing efforts. I will continue writing, but with a different focus than before. If things work out, I hope to publish several books in the coming years.

    If we are heading for come sort of discontinuity or collapse, perhaps it is more fruitful to focus on sowing the seeds of a new European Renaissance after this collapse. We are undoubtedly heading for a rough and unpleasant period. Yet European civilization has experienced rough periods before, and survived.

    Fortunately, some younger Europeans seem to have a thirst for a more positive cultural and national identity. In today's anti-European, Multicultural society, Europeans have been denied their own cultural heritage.

    I am not a Socialist and I believe in nation states. I might call myself a national conservative or a national capitalist if I have to choose a label. However, I am strongly against open borders and population replacement. The nation and the long-term interests of the people should always come first, not the short-term interests of transnational corporations which are loyal to no nation.

    Capitalism is natural because competition is natural. All life is competition and inequality. We are equal only in death, and perhaps not even then. Some individuals are remembered long after their deaths.

    A free society is good because it generates wealth, facilitates innovation and unlocks the potential of dynamic individuals and the people as a whole. Yet the nation comes first, the economy second. We are first and foremost a people with a shared history and sense of identity. We are not "an economy." It is not good for the nation to be ethnically displaced by others.

    The welfare state did work to some extent in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries in the past. However, this was only the case as long as the Scandinavian countries were for the most part ethnically homogeneous, enjoyed high levels of social trust, low levels of corruption and limited European immigration.

    There have always been flaws in the welfare state model. Yet in the 1950s and 1960s, these flaws did not destroy the country. They do now. Combined with mass immigration, the welfare state has become a suicide pact.

    Non-European mass immigration has caused crime, instability, terror, rising levels of corruption and declining levels of trust. It robs native Europeans of their cultural heritage and displaces them from their historical homelands. Immigration also costs a lot of money. Europeans are currently being forced to fund their own colonization and national destruction. They are also supposed to celebrate their own demise. This policy is evil.

    Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland have for many years been ranked at or very near the top among countries in the world with the highest quality of living. After decades of mass immigration, Sweden is now staring to slip on these rankings. Crime rates and corruption go up while social trust declines.

    The Scandinavian countries have traditionally had some of the world's highest levels of social trust and lowest levels of corruption. This culture of trust served us well, as long as we were surrounded by other people who were mainly like ourselves and shared the same mentality.

    Unfortunately, Scandinavians now find themselves living next to people from violent and clannish cultures with a far more cynical outlook. They view trust as a weakness and an invitation to exploitation and abuse. Aspects of our culture that used to be an asset have suddenly become a liability in a more hostile environment.

    Scandinavians and other people in Western Europe no longer have any reason to trust their political leaders. Our leaders routinely lie about immigration, Islam and many other subjects.

    My views on the European Union (EU) have changed radically since the early 1990s. From initially being somewhat positive and hopeful they have became extremely negative.

    The fact that the EU is corrupt is annoying. Yet by far the most dangerous aspect of the EU is how it is actively facilitating mass immigration from the Middle East and other regions outside of Europe. The EU should most properly be called the anti-European Union. The organization gradually undermines European civilization by displacing the peoples who created this civilization from their homelands.

    The EU elites are growing increasingly arrogant and openly totalitarian. This is obvious in their attempts to force previously independent European nation states to take in Muslim asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. It is doubtful whether the EU can be reformed. It probably needs to be completely dismantled.

    Probably no British government has done more harm to Britain than the Labour government of Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007. The mass immigration of Pakistanis and other Muslims which Labour promoted has done massive damage to the country. Yet millions of Britons still vote for the Labour Party.

    Opinion polls have for years shown that a very large proportion of people in France distrust Islam and think there is too much immigration to the country. A survey from 2017 showed that 65 percent of French people say there are too many foreigners in France. 60 percent of the people believe Islam is incompatible with the values of the French Republic. Yet during the French presidential election in 2017, 66 percent of the voters wanted Emmanuel Macron to be their President. He is a committed Globalist who has promised them more immigration and more Islam. The French had a patriotic alternative in Marine Le Pen, but not enough people voted for her.

    Especially since 2015, the German government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel has let in an enormous number of Muslim immigrants to Germany. This has led to a huge increase in the Islamic terror threat, as well as a sharp rise in other forms of violence, crime and sexual harassment. Merkel has stated that she would have done the same thing again as she did in 2015 when Germany opened its borders.

    If the Western world was still sane, Angela Merkel and other senior members of her government would be on trial for the evils they have done to their country and to Europe. Instead, Germans will probably reelect her as their leader once again in 2017.

    Average citizens are not blameless for their plight. They have been too passive and too fixated on meaningless pursuits. However, the common people have not been the driving force behind the destruction of European culture and the dismantling of European nation states. This agenda has been pushed from above.

    Many Western media present a distorted view of reality, which makes it harder for people to make sense of what is happening. Moreover, the Western education system has become dysfunctional. Young Europeans learn very little about their history and heritage. What little they are told about it they are taught to hate.

    The constant infusion of self-loathing has broken the pride and mental immune system of many Europeans. This may well have been an intentional policy, to break down any effective resistance to Globalism.

    The author Bat Ye'or, whose real name is Gisčle Littman, writes about dhimmis, non-Muslims who live under Islamic rule and dominance. She describes how this creates a mentality of dhimmitude. Non-Muslims who live in Muslim-dominated societies live in fear and insecurity, in a state of daily humiliation and discrimination, always fearful of Muslim aggression and Jihad violence in what was once their own country.

    We can already see early signs of this submissive attitude taking root in the Western world. The dhimmi mentality of defeat and submission can only be shaken off by directly and forcefully confronting Muslim aggression, sharia laws and Islamic Jihad attacks. There is no other way of dealing with this threat.

    Bat Ye'or's most famous and controversial work is her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis from 2005. Journalists who dismiss it as a "conspiracy theory" have usually not read the book, and cannot point out any factual inaccuracies in it. Bat Ye'or never claimed to have originated the term Eurabia. This was the name of a French journal in the 1970s to describe a new entity consisting of Europe and the Arab world.

    Western policies of appeasing Arabs and Muslims have been going on for decades. The Euro-Arab Dialogue and the Barcelona Process to bring Europe and the Arab world closer together are very real. In 2008, the Barcelona Process and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership were revitalized as the Union for the Mediterranean. All governments of the European Union (EU) openly support ongoing efforts to create a Union between Europe and Muslim North Africa. The Union for the Mediterranean receives shockingly little media scrutiny.

    It is noteworthy that European nations which endured generations of Communist repression also reject Multiculturalism and non-European mass immigration. Perhaps their negative experiences with Socialism has given them a healthy skepticism of ideological indoctrination and big social experiments.

    The Central European states Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia form the so-called Visegrad Group. Within the EU, they resist being imposed Muslim immigration and Islamic culture by Brussels.

    These countries have been blessed with sensible political leaders who try to protect their nation's interests. They include many Polish politicians, the current and former Czech Presidents Milos Zeman and Vaclav Klaus, Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico and, above all, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban. Orban defends Christian European culture against the dictates of the EU. He has also spearheaded resistance to the ideological infiltration and open borders agenda of the billionaire George Soros.

    If European civilization is going to survive this century, we need more leaders such as Viktor Orban and Geert Wilders.

    In 2012, UN migration chief Peter Sutherland from Ireland stated publicly that the EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states through immigration, in order to make them more Multicultural. He received no major outcry for stating this, presumably because many of the Western ruling elites quietly agree with him. He has also attended meetings at the Bilderberg Group. This is an annual, private conference of Western bankers, politicians and other powerful individuals who have met since the 1950s to promote transnational policies and Globalist goals. Sutherland continued as United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration until 2017.

    António Guterres is a Socialist politician and former Prime Minister of Portugal. In late 2016, Guterres as the incoming Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) told a room of policymakers in Europe that “migration is not the problem but the solution.” He indicated that European politicians should ignore voters on matters of immigration:

    “The idea that management of migration is a matter of national sovereignty is extremely limited. The truth is that in the meantime, the real controllers of international mobility are the smugglers and criminal organizations. It must be recognized that migration is inevitable and will not stop,” he told a crowd of policymakers and researchers. Guterres insisted that every European Union (EU) nation must be forced to “share the burden” of non-European mass migration.

    António Guterres has repeatedly made it clear that Muslim immigration to Europe is a good thing that must continue. Senior EU leaders such as Federica Mogherini have publicly shared this view.

    Native Europeans are currently being displaced at a shocking speed in their historical homelands. They are also being subjected to violence, abuse and terrorism. If this had happened to the indigenous peoples of any other continent, the UN would have protested and demanded that these policies should be stopped immediately. Yet when this happens to the indigenous peoples of Europe, the UN applauds this and wants it to continue.

    Top leaders of the UN state publicly that native Europeans should be barred from resisting when their homelands are being systematically stripped away from them. This is essentially a declaration of war against all Europeans.

    If the UN Secretary-General António Guterres has stated that the Islamization of Europe is evil and must be resisted, his career in the UN would have ended immediately. Instead, he and others at the UN criticize alleged European "Islamophobia." The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the largest permanent voting bloc as the United Nations. Together with various African countries and assorted dictatorships, they can use the UN as a tool to force Western nations to accept their own excess population growth.

    Europeans should allow Muslim countries no say over how we run our policies, especially our immigration policies. All Western countries should formally leave the UN. It is an actively hostile organization that we should give no money or legitimacy.

    So far, the UN has received no significant opposition from the EU because the EU leadership agrees with the policy of breaking down nation states. EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker in 2016 branded national borders as the “worst invention" ever made. He and other unelected EU bureaucrats want to force European countries to take in Muslim asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. The EU does this at a time when Muslim immigrants on a regular basis murder Europeans in terrorist attacks. This is criminal behavior.

    No Europeans got to vote for Jean-Claude Juncker as their "President." EU oligarchs simply appointed him to this position. Millions of Americans freely voted for Donald Trump to become their President. Despite this fact, many Western media are more hostile to the elected President Trump than to the unelected President Juncker.

    It is now a documented fact that large numbers of mainly white girls have been systematically raped and sexually abused by mainly Muslim men in cities across England. These attacks have certainly affected thousands of young girls and children in Britain, probably tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands. There are indications of similar things happening in other parts of Western Europe as well.

    How could such industrial scale abuse and violence against the country's native population go on for many years? It has later turned out that some members of the authorities, and even the police, knew about these so-called grooming gangs. Yet they did nothing about it because they were "scared of being called racists."

    Think about how truly sick and evil this is. Systematic abuse, rape and violence targeting a specific ethnic group on a scale that resembles warfare was covered up for a long time because people were scared of being called bad names. This is a testament to the power of propaganda and indoctrination.

    For generations, people in the Western world have been brainwashed with the notion that the worst thing you can be is a "racist." Especially if you happen to have a white skin, the mere act of being accused of "racism" can destroy your life and end your career in an instant. Being called a "racist" in the West today is almost as bad as being called a "class traitor" under Communist regimes: The accusation alone makes you guilty.

    I have been trying to analyze the terms "racism" and "anti-racism." My conclusion is that they make no scientific sense whatsoever. The main function of the term "racist" is to be a tool of intellectual terrorism and shut down any European person who does not want his country to be taken away from him.

    It is a medical fact that there are genetic differences not just between individuals, but also between ethnic groups. Pointing this fact out does not make you an extremist or a "Nazi." The Nazis didn't invent genes.

    The real extremism is assuming that one can replace a nation with a totally different set of people and expect to get the same result. There is no historical precedence for this happening in the past. There are no indications that this will happen in the Western world today, either.

    When Europeans settled in North and South America, Australia and other parts of the world, they brought with them a culture that was very different from what was there before. If Europeans are replaced by very different peoples, you will also get a very different culture. Culture follows ethnic groups much more than geography.

    Why should we take in Africa’s massive population boom? Africans already have a continent that is three times larger than Europe, and full of natural resources. Why should they have Europe, too? If you import Arabs and Africans in large numbers you get Arab and African culture, not European culture.

    Since Western governments are currently in the process of displacing Europeans with peoples from other parts of the world, they are in reality pursing a policy that will destroy European culture if it continues.

    There can be no European civilization without Europeans. In the past, this statement would have been a self-evident truth. Yet we live in an age when truth is banned and labelled as "hate."

    Throughout the continent's long and turbulent history, Europe has probably never been weaker than in the early decades of the twenty-first century. Decadent and demoralized, Europeans are betrayed by their own leaders, demonized by their own media and academia, physically attacked by hostile invading tribes in the streets and have their dignity and cultural heritage systematically taken away from them.

    It is easy to give in to despair in such a depressing situation. However, all is not lost. A rebirth is still possible. The eastern half of Europe seems more resilient against ideological indoctrination and ethnic displacement than the western half of Europe. Even in Western Europe, many people are finally waking up to the threats they face.

    Europeans have in the past achieved things that seemed impossible. If anybody can reclaim a homeland and reconquer a continent, it is the Europeans. However, if a new European Renaissance is to succeed, the seeds of this revitalization most be sown soon. The internal and external threats we now face are huge. Regardless of the outcome of this struggle, Europe once again seems headed for a prolonged period of great turbulence.
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