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How transparent, green and fair are your favourite brands? At a glance you will see this at Rank a Brand, the largest brands comparison website in Europe! We are fast on track to get 1001 brands in our database, and we love to see all brands become more open, green and fair.

What comes from far…?!
Have you ever realized that a real person somewhere far away picks your bananas, sews your t-shirt and solders your mobile phone? Unimaginable many products come from distant countries as China, India, Kenya, Ghana and Bangladesh. Beyond our sight countless workmen are working too many hours for too little money, forests are chopped, soils are worn-out and major rivers are already polluted. You do not see anything of these severe conditions reflected in shiny packages and pretty advertisements. But luckily there is a brand on all products.

Open Sesame
Rank a Brand assesses the green and fair policy that brands have published on their website on the basis of a sharp question list. Brands that are not open are not able to earn points, brands that do justify publicly do earn points. Slick marketing language does not score points, well-founded information does. Our regular topics include: labour conditions, environment and climate.

Rank a Brand wants to contribute to a better world, so do you, so why don’t we do this together? You can send an encouragement email to most brands through our website to make your statement. Also, with our information you have the power to choose for brands that show that they care about fair labour conditions, a clean environment and a stable climate. The more people choose for the highest ranked brands, the greater the incentive is for companies to be more open, green and fair. How this works exactly, you will see in the image below: