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  1. Why are we Nationalists / Why are we Socialists, by Joseph Goebbels

    Why Are We Nationalists?

    We are nationalists because we see the nation as the only way to bring all the forces of the nation together to preserve and improve our existence and the conditions under which we live.

    The nation is the organic union of a people to protect its life. To be national is to affirm this union in word and deed. To be national has nothing to do with a form of
  2. What percent of Polish people have Jewish blood?

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    Btw, Judaism is a religion, and Jews are not really a race. I mean, you cannot say that Ethiopian Jews and Ashkenazi Jews are same people just because they are ''Jews''.
    You are awesome!!!!
  3. Introduction to Democracy, The God That Failed by Hans Hermann Hoppe


    Theory and History

    On the most abstract level, I want to show how theory is indispensible in correctly interpreting history. History the sequence of events unfolding in time is "blind." It reveals nothing about causes and effects. We may agree, for instance, that feudal Europe was poor, that monarchical Europe was wealthier, and that democratic Europe is wealthier still, or that nineteenth-century ...
  4. 18/12/2013

    Αχ, και να ξερες λατρεια μου για' σένα τη μπορώ να κάνω,
    στον ηλιο θα ταξιδευα και λίγο παραπάνω.
    Όσο ...

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  5. Who the BEEP is Mrs. Swan???

    We need to find out...

    For Gigolo. We need to do this for Gigolo.


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