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  1. The Russian government has developed a new structure set by the "TRP" ("Ready for Labor and Defense)

    Structure All sports complex "Ready for Labor and Defense " ( TRP ) already developed by the Ministry of Sports, will contain 11 levels of difficulty , according to the draft resolution , which was available for public comment .

    The first five levels of the complex are designed for students : two at primary school, two - on average and one - for the senior . The sixth level will evaluate opportunities for young people from 18 to 29 years . Each level is designed to assess ...
  2. Orenburg helps Crimea. 40 tons of food were sent to support the Crimeans.

  3. Scottish Settlement in the Carolinas

    If you've been long in North Carolina, chances are you've met someone with the surname of Campbell, McNeill, or Stewart. It's also very likely that you've come across more than a few Presbyterian churches, particularly in the more rural areas. These are two of the legacies that have been brought here by immigrants from the highlands of Scotland. Something rather unique to these immigrants is the way they moved in large, organized groups directly from their homes, to the new and uncertain landscape ...
  4. Dissecting the Liberal

    Dissecting The Liberal

    A Thread dedicated to examine and understanding the liberal and all that it stands for.

    Liberalism = Christianity - God

    Men created civilizations and the rules that govern them. This includes Egalitarianism and feminism. These are all outcrops of Judeo-Christian dogma. Islam and communism and liberalism and humanism are offshoots of the same mindset.

    We live in an age where stupidity is worshiped ...
  5. Ahiska Turks and their "destiny"

    Under Soviet Russia there were many Turkic people and in WW2 they were drafted (estimated over 150.000) into the army and fought battles againt Nazi Germany. Ahiska Trks (in English Meskhetian Turks) from teenagers to men as old as 40s also took part in the conflict. They joined the ranks (estimated over 40.000) of the Soviets without any resistance, in fact many of them were thinking they were defending their villages from a possible Nazi invasion. Some of them went as far as into to Germany, ...
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