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  1. Svipdag (quote)

    Quote by the biggest baller in this cute little punk-ass hood. Motherfucker now rolls with celestial homies in Valhalla. Respect.

    "This is not my time; this is not my world; these are not my people."

  2. 🌈 Queer* Radically Fit PSA to all you body-positive models. [sponsored by Nietzsche Foundation]

    All of y'all "big boned" niggas best start eating that healthy pro-duce today or you finna turn into six-feet-under niggas and then who protect tha "European heritage"? Think yo selves as being part of the future generation because it's them future generation niggas you
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    Meta shit
  3. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #2

    - Prvi deo

    Sada smo samo stranci,
    Dok prolazis pored mene,
    A bili smo stari znanci,
    U srcu su uspomene
    Ti sada idi,
    Idi ne okreci se,
    Mozda nekad,
    u zivotu,
    i meni posreci se...
    A ja ostajem sam,
    Za to ne hajes,
    Svesno koracas napred,
    Bez mene ti ostajes...
    I kada sve ovo prodje,
    Kada svemu dodje kraj,
    Setices se nekad mene,
    Setices se dobro znaj...

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  4. The Armenian Genocide, 1915

    Uğur ‹mit ‹ngŲr

    ĎEither the Armenians would eliminate the Turks or the Turks would eliminate the Armenians. I didnít hesitate for one moment when confronted with this dilemma. My Turkish identity won out
    over my profession. I thought: we must destroy them before they destroy us. If you ask me how I as a doctor could commit murder, my answer is simple: the Armenians had become dangerous
    microbes in the body of this country. And surely it is a doctorís duty to kill bacteria?í

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  5. No wars in Catalhoyuk for 4,000 years

    In the Neolithic settlement of Catalhoyuk, founded by 8,000 people in the Central Anatolian province of Konya and one of the earliest settlements in the history of mankind, no war, conflict or violent attacks occurred, archaeological excavations in the region have revealed.


    Catalhoyuk draws the attention ...