Diary of a Madman: Aphorisms, Maxims and Allegories

Cross-Sectional Wisdom...

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To whom do I owe an explianaton..?

Hilarily! - For he who recognises that which I am - that which I am representative of - I owe so much the little...

For they look into mine eyes - as the are!

- Whoa! - unto those who see me, and my motivation, NOT!

These are the lost one's - who shall - and should! ... - remain forever so!

...For what does one who has seen the entirety care for detractors...?

So VERY little! - with a smirk, and a smile, and an acknowledgement of that which has occured an infinite number of times before he whom speakes of it!!!!!

Ahhhh... the relaxatio, and poise, of he who speaks of the ETERNAL..! - If only there were more, who REALISED - the POWER of light eyes...and Light seeing.....

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