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My Journey from Catholicism and Back to It Again

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It wasn't easy. I experimented with all kinds of religions to try to find something that uniquely fit me. It all started with the pedophilia scandal of 2002. I wanted to distance myself from association with a Church that was being made famous for its corruption on the part of the clergy, yet! These were innocent children who were being preyed upon! With self-righteous indignation and my desire to impress a girl who later became the mother of my daughter, I left the Church for the Lutherans. Then, about a year later, the Mormons visited me and I spent about six months among them around 2004. My mother wasn't having any of it and my friends at work convinced me to leave. There was no real substance for it to me anyway. A couple of times I darted back to the Catholic fold because I just couldn't break that final link. I met the woman who was to become my wife in 2006.She was a devoted Wiccan who hated Christianity. I went back to Church a few times when I found that Wicca wasn't where my heart rested and my wife burst into tears and rage every time. So, I tried heathenry, and I loved the focus on ancestors and land.. The only problem was that I was getting chronically pissed off and it nearly cost me my marriage. I wanted to find a consensus where I could worship one God and she wouldn't go manic on me. We discussed Islam for awhile, visited a few times, but that didn't fit quite right, either. My wife then started casually asking questions about Catholicism and I directed her to www.newadvent.org. About a week after she began posing her questions, I took the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Saturday Evening, I took the Eucharist. A good online buddy of mine posted something that never left my mind:" your soul isn't something to play around with..it's not like you're getting a new dog". He was right. I was window shopping religions like crazy and I was oblivious to it because I didn't want to stop and think. Well, as I told my priest, "I now know where God is not. I want to be where God is". I've always known that I belong in the Catholic Faith because that's what I know and that's where my fondest memories of the past and hopes of the future lie. Why scramble like a madman? No reason to, not any more.

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  1. Murphy's Avatar
    Good to have you home, mo chara .

    Yours in Christ,
  2. Lutiferre's Avatar
    I am happy for your choice. It seems it took a long while of spiritual trial and error before you ended up with Christ yet again. I think you described it best yourself; knowing where the truth is not, and then finding out where it is. I hope you stay and grow in Christ in the faith.

  3. Gooding's Avatar
    Thank you both so much. God is good..
  4. Jamt's Avatar
    Good Siegfried.
  5. Gooding's Avatar
    Now, we're going to get our marriage convalidated in the Church!