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My Occitan Heritage

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http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-...expecot&id=I45 My French ancestry goes back to my great-grandmother, Marie Elodie Pecot ( 1887-1967). Her parents both had ancestry that hailed from Occitania. Elodie's parents were Alexandre Pecot (1851-1942) and Amelie Armelin (1853-1942). Amelie's grandfather, Jean Armelin(?-1834) was born in Puimoisson, Alpes de Haute Provence, France.He married Marie Rose Angelique Desiree Pecot in 1799 and their son, Charles Armelin( 1813-1889), married Marie Justine Elodie Perret( 1822-1917).Marie Justine's great- great grandparents, Jean Baptiste Perret( 1700-1774) and Marie Anne Morrel (1700-?) were both from Grenoble, Dauphine, France. Marie Justine's great grandparents were Alphonse Auguste Perret (1734-1770), who was born in Louisiana and Marie Anne Pujole(1734-1798), who was the daughter of Jean Pujole( 1694-1766), who was from Lerac, Bordeaux, France. Marie Justine's grandparents were Pierre Pujole Perret (1766-?) and Helene Bossier(1770-1813). Helene's grandfather, Jean Bossier, was born in Cartasagra, Cahors, France, in 1676. Helene's sister, Francoise Bossier, married Francois Pain and their daughter, Francoise Pain(1803-1899), was Marie Justine's mother, while Pierre and Helene's son, Ursin Perret (1794-1777), was Marie Justine's father.Charles Armelin and Marie Justine Perret had my great-great grandmother, Amelie Armelin, who married Alexandre Theodore Pecot. Alexandre Pecot's father was Pierre Alfrede Pecot (1818-1884) and his mother was Helene Livie Perret(1828-1900). Pierre's parents were Charles Pecot (1782-1844), who was born in St.Domingue, a brother of Rose Marie Angelique Desiree Pecot and a younger son of Francois Pecot(1740-1795), who was born in Les Touches, Nantes, France and Rosalie Prejean (1741-1813), an Acadian who fled with others to Port au Prince after the Great Expulsion. The Pecots owned land that included a sugarcane plantation in St.Domingue before the slave revolt.Pierre's mother was Marie Claire Sigur( 1792-1875), who was the daughter of a planter from Meurthe et Moselle, Lorraine, France and Emelie Pellerin (1766-1826), a woman of Acadian descent. Helene Livie Perret was the daughter of Placide Perret (1802-1842) and Charlotte Darensbourg (1808-?) who herself was the daughter of Mathilde Perret and a niece of Ursin Perrret. Placide's parents were Alphonse Perret(1757-1818) and Eleonore Bossier (1773-1817).Placide's grandfather was Alphonse Auguste Perret (1734-1770), the son of Jean Baptiste Perret of Grenoble and Marie Anne Pujole. Pierre Pujole Perret was his younger brother. So, not only do I have ancestors from Occitania, but most of my French blood hails from those areas and the same families seem to have intertwined from generation to generation.

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  1. Loxias's Avatar
    Thanks, that's a very interesting family history, and very varied, I didn't know that many people from Southern France went to America.