Diary of a Madman: Aphorisms, Maxims and Allegories

The Price of Our Instrument

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We suffer, and openly engage in the suffering, of potentialities. We further find that to do so evokes an awareness of that which is necrotic in our willed , and willing essence; which is to say, that which subsumes the ignoble characteristcs that our respective Lines have infused. Whilst the 'operation' is a delicate proceedure, to be sure, we find ourselves with very little concern of that which is delicate. Almost as if the best within us, being the best, commands, "Tear it out! - so what if some good is torn with it! Have you not a superfluous-ness of good as it is!" And so, when we are at our best, the tendency to rip and tear at these many unwanted souls that wrap around our primary Being, as a strangler fig would its host, strengthens itself - commanding and demanding - and less vain than our worries over scar tissue. For what are such scars, if not badges that we wear, with head held high, as we self-immolate for the sake of the Self that rises a titan from whence we burned? On this issue, we've no right to timidity; but an obligation to temerity - this, our noble asceticism.

This is the price of our instrument.

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  1. Loki's Avatar
    Another fine philosophical piece. Too bad one can't rep blog posts.
  2. Aemma's Avatar
    Indeed! :)
  3. SuuT's Avatar
    Many thanks.