Diary of a Madman: Aphorisms, Maxims and Allegories

On Random Significance...

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...To what, to whom, do I owe my capacity for suffering? To what, and to whom, do any of us - the Order of the 'Other'? For that is what, indeed, we are: 'we' fit no mould; 'we' understand no Absolute; and - what is more - 'we' find a vainglorious ring to the sound of the trumpets of "modernity"... what have we to do with the modern? - as recognisers of the Retrogression of the type 'Man'?

We owe no umbrage, nor do we owe a genuflection to what is occurring during the times in which we live. What we owe is a fist - we owe opposition; we owe defiance to all accepted things.

I speak, and will be heard, by all those oppositional souls to the draconian duplicity of Modernity. As an inspired act of the gods, I am I; and those who recognise all things 'archane' as advanced, will hear my bellow resound in their Souls. And I shall festoon my Heart with these few; and I, and We, shall lead - un-named - the the league of tomorrow to its ultimate goal.

Like a snake, who bites his own tail, we shall sun ourselves in the warmth of what is to come.

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