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Ah, my obsession with ancestral research has now passed like an incurable virus into my wife! Now she insists that I help her on her family tree and I've dived into this project headfirst.Unfortunately, she doesn't exactly have the leeway I did with relatives who could afford to go in depth in our genealogy, so I've got less material.The important thing is, I've got some material to work with and that should lead to a little more.
I've been able to confirm her Scottish, Southwestern Irish and German bloodlines. Earlier today I was able to confirm an old family rumor of Tejano ( Spanish Texan) blood, which her grandmother definitely appreciated.So, now my wife and I have another interest that we can bond with together.

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  1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    That's always a pleasure to hear. What very little ancestry searching I did was always entertaining and worthwhile.