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Oh, Aesir, Obama!

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Gods and goddesses,wights and ancestors, hail!The 44th president of the United States of America has been sworn in and assumed office.I fear for our people, oh ye Holy Powers, how I fear for us!Just today I've read articles written by bitter colored folks about how black the history of our people is in this great nation.But who made this nation, number one, and also who made it great? Us White Folks!
WE brought literacy to this land.WE brought industry to this part of the world.WE united this vast territory under one stable government that is now being raped and plundered by those outsiders who would turn these United States into another Third World country.WE BROUGHT POWER TO THIS LAND!!Now, we are despised for what we are and everything we've done for this land is swept into the rubbish heap.Well, so be it.We'll just have to remind those clowns reaping the benefits of our work just how and why we became great in the first place.
If they want conflict, before Thor and Freya I will not run away.I stand with and for my Folk.For me, before all the Holy Powers, there can be no other way.

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