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First Tale

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Since my Dad's brother, my Uncle Joe, gave Tammy and I that camcorder for a wedding gift, we've recorded many things,but tonight I decided to record my legacy for my daughter, Kiersten.My wife recorded me recalling and telling some stories that Granny McDonald passed down to me regarding her mother, Marie Pecot, the stories of the Pecot and Armelin families in Louisiana, Haiti and France.It's amazing, the emotion that can be evoked by long,unspoken memories.All the family legends, history and lore that I can recall, I will record, first for my daughter, Kiersten and then for the children that Tammy and I are planning on having.I'm going to record everything I can remember hearing my grandparents say about their families, everything that my parents said about them, and all my own memories will be recounted.Next time, my Dad's mother, Elna Thorne-Gooding, will be the topic of discussion.This will be a gradual project, but one I think will be well worth the time spent.

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  1. Aemma's Avatar
    Great idea! What a wonderful gift to leave for your daughter and future little Goodings. :)