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I've Been Classified! Yay!

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Keltic-Nordid Bruenn.I guess that what that means is that my ancestors were Celtic and Germanic peoples who blended in with the aboriginal inhabitants of Britain.Either that, or such ancestry came out in me, while my Atlanto-Mediterranid ancestors of France and my family's earlier associations were absorbed by the Keltic Nordid Bruenns.I haven't noticed any lessening of devotion in me to the Aesir and Vanir.On the contrary, I have a deeper devotion to them and feel ever more a part of my Folk.My gratitude is to those who helped me in finding my own niche and with that, more peace of mind.

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  1. Vulpix's Avatar
    Haha ! Nice feeling huh? Don't forget to have a look around here: SNPA

  2. Gooding's Avatar
    SNPA's a great site, and there is another site that seems pretty good, too..http://amorsite.110mb.com/index.htm
    The classifications are pretty decent, methinks
    Updated 01-26-2009 at 02:24 AM by Gooding
  3. Vulpix's Avatar
    Yes I know that Amorsite, unfortunately it shows up pretty screwed up in terms of layout (text over image, etc).
  4. Aemma's Avatar
    here's to your deeper knowledge of Self, G! :)